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Are your students on track for graduation?

Council for Academic Excellence and Student Success shares data, tips, best practices and a helpful tool.

April 30, 2020

Students visiting the registrar's desk in the JSSB.Metropolitan State University of Denver is approaching the end of a tough term. For faculty working on overdrive to help students finish the semester and stay on track for the future, the Council for Academic Excellence and Student Success encourages you to remain flexible and help connect struggling students with useful University resources.

MSU Denver faculty and staff have a passion for helping students achieve their dreams. Unfortunately, many students are not on the path to achieve those dreams because they are not registered for summer or fall courses. It’s not always obvious which students are registered, but luckily there’s an app for that.

Who’s Registered, developed by the CAESS, gives faculty members an idea of the percentage of their current students who are registered for the summer or fall semester.

In the interest of privacy, the tool shows only data for courses in which at least 10 degree-seeking students are enrolled, excluding students who have a pending graduation date. 

While Who’s Registered shows only the overall percentage of students registered for upcoming semesters, and not individual student details, it will give faculty insight into where their students stand. Faculty members are frequently the closest and most personal presence in the academic lives of students, and with this information faculty can provide more targeted assistance. 

Data for each course section is updated daily, so check back often and search by college/school, course-subject prefix or course ID. 

While it’s challenging for students and faculty to think about registration in these difficult circumstances, let’s find inspiration in our amazing and tenacious students. Help students stay on track by checking in about the upcoming semester during class or advising sessions.


  • How are you doing?
  • Are you registered for summer or fall?
  • Are there obstacles that are preventing you from registering?

Connect students (and yourself) with resources: 

  • If your student expresses a need, email a professional advisor in your department about the issue and copy the student.
  • Provide the student with financial-aid and scholarships
  • Ask the student if you can connect them with the CARE team.
  • Sign up to receive The ’Runner to learn more about resources, registration and more. To subscribe, email studentcomms@msudenver.eduwith your name and email address. 

If you are passionate about supporting student success, please share your ideas and stories with the CAESS. Email CAESS co-leads Kristy Lyons, Ph.D., or Sean Petranovich, Ph.D.

Together, we can help our students and our University thrive! 

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