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MSU Denver partners with Mexican Consulate

A new Memorandum of Understanding will provide scholarships for DACA recipients and undocumented students.

By Lindsey Coulter

September 3, 2020

Luis Sandoval and Berenice Rendón Talavera, Consul General, signing MOU.The Mexican Consulate of Denver and Metropolitan State University of Denver have partnered to provide 10 first-time DACA recipients with a one-time scholarship of $2,000. Consulate representatives and MSU Denver leaders celebrated the joint effort in a Memorandum of Understanding signing Tuesday.

Part of the Government of Mexico’s Institute for Mexicans Abroad Becas program (IME Becas), the scholarship will be half-funded by the consulate and half-funded through MSU Denver Foundation matching funds. The program seeks to expand educational opportunities for Mexicans abroad, specifically low-resourced students. The grant, managed and administered through the MSU Denver Excel Program, will support first-time Dreamer students with additional financial aid in the form of a one-time scholarship of $2,000 ($1,000 per semester). 

The scholarship was initiated by Luis Sandoval, associate director of the Excel Program within the Office of Admissions.

“Dreamer students historically do not receive enough financial aid to cover the cost of full tuition,” Sandoval explained. “Our goal was to try and help these students financially to the best of our ability by reducing their out-of-pocket costs and hopefully making it easier for them to stay past their first year.”

IME Becas scholarship recipients must be of Mexican descent and must have completed a Dreamer Student Application for Institutional Aid and the MSU Denver general scholarship application. Students must also demonstrate financial need for the first semester. If the student maintains satisfactory academic progress, they will be eligible for continued funding for the second semester.

This is the second time that the MSU Denver Excel Program has been awarded funds through the IME Becas. The Excel Program will partner with the Immigrant Services Program to identify and award qualified candidates before the end of September.

“The MSU Denver Excel Program and the Mexican Consulate of Denver have had a really strong working relationship since 2018,” Sandoval said. “Their support for Mexican immigrants and Mexican-American families is unwavering, and we are so happy to collaborate and provide additional support for students.”

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