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Safe Return to Campus highlights

COO Larry Sampler shares important updates and requests.

February 1, 2021

Aerial image of Auraria Campus; Last week, Larry Sampler, chief operating officer and vice president for Administration, provided an overview on recent Listening Sessions and facilities maintenance.

Listening Session feedback

The three Listening Sessions hosted throughout January gave Roadrunners an opportunity to share comments and ideas regarding how Metropolitan State University of Denver moves from its current state to safe, equitable and sustainable post-Covid-19 operations. Important topics included the future of online and in-person classes, budgeting, the Covid-19 vaccination plan, workload, mental health and more. University leaders will integrate these items into planning and will keep the MSU Denver community involved and informed throughout this inclusive process.

Health and safety tips for Roadrunners visiting campus

If you are returning to campus this semester, the Facilities Team requests your assistance in helping address and prevent pest activity.

  • Remove all food items from the building at the end of the day or store them in a sealed Tupperware-type container, not a plastic bag. This includes anything that may be individually wrapped (granola bars, candy, nuts, etc.).
  • Place all food in a sealed container inside your office drawers or refrigerators – do not leave anything in plastic wrap or baggies overnight.
  • Wipe down your desk to remove crumbs after you eat. If you drop crumbs on the floor (or if you see evidence of pests), please submit a work order for MSU buildings or Auraria Higher Education Center buildings, and the custodial crew will perform an extra cleaning as early as it can.
  • Place any food waste in one trash container, tie the bag at the end of the day and place it in a clearly identifiable location for custodians to pick up overnight (by sealing the bag, you limit the time that pests could find food between the time you leave and the time the custodians clean overnight).
  • If you have plants in your office, please try to prevent water from sitting in the base overnight, as this can be a water source for pests. Better yet, please bring the plants home so pests don’t nest or store food in the soil.

To learn more, visit Safe Return to Campus, or email

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