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An easier way to submit your work order

Learn more about MSU Denver’s new Computerized Maintenance Management System.

By Damen Glover

March 17, 2021

Exterior of Jordan Student Success Building.The Metropolitan State University of Denver Department of Facilities is partnering with the Auraria Higher Education Center to offer a new and improved method of submitting and managing work orders through TMA Systems software.

Why is MSU Denver Facilities transitioning to TMA?

Currently, MSU Denver Facilities and AHEC Facilities use separate Computerized Maintenance Management Systems for tracking and completing building-maintenance work orders, managing assets and planning work. To efficiently and effectively manage these interrelated processes, MSU Denver Facilities is joining AHEC to use TMA, which AHEC has been using for many years. This effort supports an integrated approach to work-order management specifically designed for higher education and our campus. By switching systems, there will be a small cost savings for the Department of Facilities.

When will the transition to TMA happen?

MSU Denver’s Department of Facilities will officially roll over to TMA on April 1. Since AHEC Facilities has been using TMA for years, this should be a smooth transition for MSU Denver. The University’s Facilities team has been working closely with the AHEC Facilities Department to ensure that the system is ready for this switch.

How will this transition affect employees?

Requesting and getting help with building issues and questions will be much easier and faster because TMA is easier to log in to from AHEC’s Facilities site or the link on the MSU Denver Department of Facilities homepage.

There will no longer be a need for a “Schooldude” login, as employees will enter their information and be able to look up work orders from a single site.

If you don’t find what you are looking for through this site, you can contact AHEC Facilities at 303-556-3260 or MSU Denver Facilities at

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