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Budget Recommendation Committee recap

Members met Friday to model and discuss several 2021-22 tuition scenarios.

By Lindsey Coulter

March 31, 2021

MSU Denver exterior signBudget Recommendation Committee members met Friday to model and discuss several 2021-22 tuition scenarios. Specifically, the group considered the tuition-rate change and whether the tuition window should be closed the remaining 50% as previously approved by the Board of Trustees in 2019.

The meeting began with a fiscal 2022 preliminary enrollment update from Michael Nguyen, who shared that full-year full-time equivalents are down 11.5% from last summer. The University has received 1,417 applications, with 1,208 students accepted and 179 registered (compared with 168 registered at this time last year).

Fall applications stand at 11,737, compared with 12,294 at this point in 2020. However, the University’s fall acceptance rate is outpacing 2020 at 10,296 vs. 9,907.

See the full enrollment-update presentation for more details.

Cipriana Patterson presented on the mandatory-fee-increase recommendation as well as FY 2022 revenue scenarios.

Per the University’s student-fee plan, existing mandatory fees can be increased up to 5% to cover mandatory cost increases. Mandatory cost increases are those that a fee-supported program is required to incur due to changes outside of the program’s control. The committee’s FY 2021-22 recommendation is to maintain affordability by limiting fee increases by recommending increases for only two fees. The committee also recommends identifying alternative methods of support-fee programs over the next year.

See the fee recommendation presentation and revenue scenario  for more information.

Topics: Colorado, Funding, Legislation, Tuition, Tuition window

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