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Congrats to our Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week winners

These exceptional faculty, staff and student employees are shining examples of dedication, innovation and excellence.

By Josie Lavender

September 30, 2021

Nominations continue to roll in for Metropolitan State University of Denver’s Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week awards, highlighting the excellent and important work happening at all levels of the University. This week, we celebrate three members of our University community who inspire students and their colleagues.

“This week’s winners have not only been exceptional employees; they’ve gone out of their way to lift up students and co-workers. That is the kind of leadership we strive for at MSU Denver,” said Will Simpkins, Ed.D., vice president for Student Affairs. “Well done, Roadrunners!”

David RodriguezStaff winner – David Rodriguez, office administrator, Health Professions

Nominated by Paris Prestridge, assistant professor of Health Professions, who wrote:

“David is a phenomenal person. He goes above and beyond with requests/needs of the students, faculty and staff.”

Also nominated by M Rissman, N.D., professor of Health Professions, who wrote:

“Students don’t necessarily know David, but they experience the seamlessness of what he is doing to support them getting overrides, getting registered, etc. David works tirelessly and maintains an upbeat attitude through it all. I can’t imagine our department without David Rodriguez.”

And nominated by Annjanette Alejano-Steele, Ph.D., interim chair of the Social Work Department, who wrote:

“He embodies problem-solving and responsiveness in the most quintessential ‘Roadrunner Way.’ With the patience of a saint, David goes the distance in supporting others.”

Additionally nominated by Xiaohui You, Ph.D., assistant professor of Health Professions, who wrote:

“He always provides very detailed feedback that was very helpful.”

And nominated by Garrett Chism, program director, Master of Health Administration, who wrote:

“David is a wonderful communicator. Specifically, his listening skills and his ability to empathize with all stakeholders.”

Also nominated by Briggette Alvarez, ambassador of Health Professions, who wrote:

“David has been an amazing boss and mentor. He maintains a happy charisma, giving off so much positive energy every day to everyone.”

Lastly, nominated by Amy Dore, D.H.A. professor of Health Professions, who wrote:

“To be honest, I can honestly say that we would be completely lost without David. His willingness to take on any task makes him a valuable piece of the HEP team and Roadrunner culture at MSU Denver.”

David, your contributions to the University have been so impactful that your co-workers are bursting with praise. Thank you for being such a stronghold in this community.  (Since we could find a picture of you, here is one of Rowdy applauding your achievement!)

Rowdy giving thumbs upStudent-employee winner – Jordan Henderson, student assistant, Academic Affairs

Nominated by Ann Sanders Madison, executive assistant to the provost, Academic Affairs, who wrote:

“Jordan joined our staff in July 2021 and has been instrumental in keeping our office running and assisting staff with their projects during our transition to in-person work on campus. Starting a job at the University with so many unknowns shows how Jordan’s outgoing spirit and interest in people have made him indispensable in this time of constant change. His eagerness to assist people is evident in the way he receives them as they come into the Provost’s Office. ‘Still waters run deep’ would be a way to describe Jordan’s quiet self-assurance and intelligence. We are so thankful for the support that Jordan provides us during this unusual time.”

Jordan, we lucked out when gained you as a part of the MSU Denver team. Thank you for going above and beyond to support Roadrunners. You have earned some glowing recommendations along the way. (Since we could find a picture of you, here is one of Rowdy applauding your achievement!)

To nominate outstanding employees for the Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week award, please complete the form on the Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week webpage. Tell us how your nominee is making an impact through great teaching, service to students or innovation. Winners will be selected each week and profiled in the Early Bird on Thursdays. Winners will also get a shoutout on social media.

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