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MSU Denver faculty in the media

Members share their expertise with the community.

By Tim Carroll

September 9, 2021

Sheila Rucki, Ph.D.The MSU Denver faculty brain trust reaches almost every corner of the academic spectrum, and we are always proud to see Roadrunners sharing their knowledge. Each month, the Early Bird highlights a few faculty members who have served as subject-matter experts on timely news topics, providing dynamic perspectives on critical issues.

Here’s a sampling from August:

Sheila Rucki, Ph.D., professor of Political Science and International Relations, interviewed with Rocky Mountain PBS about the recent events that unfolded in Afghanistan and the historical lessons that will frame its future direction.   

Rebecca Trammell, Ph.D., inerim dean of the College of Health and Applied Sciences, interviewed with Scripps National about prison reform and the benefits of helping incarcerated people find employment after their release.

Christian Hardigree, J.D., dean of the School of Hospitality, interviewed with Fox31 and Scripps National about the legal aspects of businesses requiring employees to be vaccinated against Covid-19.

Jeff Price, M.A., professor of Aviation and Aerospace Science, interviewed with the Washington Post about the tactics that flight attendants use to subdue unruly airline passengers.

Erin Seedorf, Dr.P.H., assistant professor of Health Professions, interviewed with Scripps National about the new delta variant of Covid-19 and the mixed messages associated with public-health guidance.

For a full list of faculty featured as experts in the media, visit MSU Denver in the News.

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