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This fascinating subject has a growing impact on every aspect of our social and political lives – so now is an ideal time to get on board

Economics is the scientific study of resource allocation based on the production, distribution and consumption of all goods. And whether we like it or not, economics affects the daily lives of everyone on Earth. The effect of social and political decisions can profoundly affect the local and global economies, with few people able to make sense of it all. 

This subject can be intimidating because of its complexity, but these intellectual barriers can be broken down with dedication. MSU Denver’s Economics professors are experts in the many layers of the economy and will captivate your curiosity through detailed comprehension of the subject. From the understanding of global trade to macro-monetary theory, our faculty will give you the opportunity to have your research published in scholarly journals and push your analytical thinking to its limit. 

Whichever career you pursue, a degree in Economics will make you an objective, thought-provoking, analytical employee who can thrive in any work environment. Our curriculum will challenge your intellect and provide you with immense knowledge of economic systems.

“I decided that I wanted to be around people with more life experience and self-motivation. I looked for a school with a more quantitative rigorous economics program and more diversity. I found those things at MSU Denver and more. The University’s dedication to making education accessible really drew me in”

Brittany Bartges

2015 Grad

Career Prospects

Here’s where a B.A. in Economics might take you:
Finance, government, law, public policy, market research, business and graduate study.

Alex Padilla_Economics
“I believe that ideas matter – they guide the world and public policy. So it’s really important for students to learn the facts and get involved in the conversation, as there is a lot of misinformation about markets, entrepreneurship, what businesses do and the role of government.”

Alexandre Padilla

Associate Professor of Economics

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