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Faculty Senate continues to operate remotely until further notice. 

March 18, 2020


In the wake of the global pandemic COVID-19, the Faculty Senate Executive Team made an Executive decision as to how we will conduct Faculty Senate business through the end of the semester, May 8, 2020. This is a time of emergency and the Senate has no formal rules as to how to proceed during such times.

All meetings will be conducted using Microsoft Teams and will be held during the regular Faculty Senate or EC meeting times. Therefore, you should expect an invite to the meeting prior to 3:20 pm on the day of the scheduled meeting. You will need to have speakers to hear the meeting, a microphone to be able to speak during the meeting and a camera if you want to be seen during the meeting. There is also a chat function built in so you do not have to speak or be see, but can type in questions or comments. Other than these aforementioned changes, the conduct of each meeting will be in accordance with Article II of the Faculty Senate By-laws.

Article IV, Section 5.3 of the Faculty Senate Constitution states, “Votes on motions of the Senate shall be by voice or electronic voting device. Any member of the Senate may call for a division of the house. Upon demand of two members of the Senate, voting shall be by ballot. There is no voting by proxy or absentee ballot. (11/3/2010)” However, due to the circumstances surrounding this pandemic, the following modifications are temporarily in place.

All voting will be conducted using Qualtrics. Ms. Margaret Thulson will create a Qualtrics voting item for each individual voting item that is needed. President Campbell will instruct the Senate when to cast their vote on each item during the meeting and the vote will be open for no more than 60 seconds. We will vote on only one item at a time. Once the vote closes, Ms. Thulson will close the Qualtrics, tally the votes and will inform the President of the results. At the beginning of each meeting, we will have a Qualtrics vote to ensure we have quorum, as we currently do during regular Senate meetings. This memorandum will be a part of the Faculty Senate’s permanent historical records.


Katia Campbell 

Elizabeth Goodnick
Vice President

William J. Carnes


Goals and Mission

The Faculty Senate of the Metropolitan State University of Denver officially represents faculty members in all matters of interest and concern. These interests and concerns include, but are not limited to, receiving and making recommendations on current and proposed changes in academic, administrative, fiscal and personnel policies. 


Shared Governance Statement 

Within the University's statutory role and mission and the Board of Trustees' operational mission, all constituencies have a role and a responsibility in assisting the University to achieve excellence in all areas of University activity. In pursuing excellence, the Board of Trustees welcomes and expects the participation of faculty, students, staff, and other University constituencies in the decision-making process.

The Board of Trustees encourages a broad exchange of information and ideas. To facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, the Board of Trustees looks to the President of the University as its primary liaison with the University constituencies. To be effective in this role, the President must establish avenues for consultation and recommendation by faculty, students, and staff regarding policy matters by the Board of Trustees.

The Board of Trustees delegates to the President, as chief executive officer of the University, full authority and responsibility for administering the University within the policies and procedures established by the Board of Trustees. Within this delegation, it is the expectation that the President will elicit the participation and facilitate the fulfillment of the roles and responsibilities of the University's campus constituencies in the University's internal decision-making processes. It is through the initiative, participation, and effort of all the University's constituencies that excellence is achieved.



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