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Integrated Elements


English as a Second Language

Foundational English skills serve as the backbone of the adult education program. Participants engage in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in student-centered learning environments. Multi-day classes include grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary developmeny, and book clubs for emerging readers. 


The goal of this component is to increase family self-efficacy. Instruction in Parent & teacher communication, volunteerism in the school, and navigation of an American school system provides parents with the tools to help foster their children's academic success.

Digital Literacy

Computer instruction unlocks a family's ability to access the integral world of technology by providing interaction in a previously inaccessible way. Integration of digital learning, an emphasis on critical employability and soft skills, and defined A student explains her cultural project on Chihuahua to a community memberpathways to college and career readiness are all key components of this endeavor.

Service Learning

This meaningful process gives parents a platform to use their new-found English skills in an authentic way with native English speakers as they engage in community service projects. Involvement in service learning helps expand student voice, build social capital, and increase advocacy skills.

Other Program Options

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