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Our programs are designed to prepare you for a constantly changing and growing industry

America’s health-care system, like almost every industry, is becoming more and more dependent on technology. While this new tech will make certain aspects of health care easier, the industry will rely on talented and skilled minds to lead, maximize efficiency and think outside the box to improve public health. That’s where your education comes in. We can’t prepare you for the unforeseeable changes you'll encounter throughout your career, but we can instill the professionalism, leadership and critical-thinking and business skills required for you to succeed as a health-care professional. 

Physicians and nurses remain on the front lines of the health-care industry, but what goes on beyond the waiting room is seldom seen. Doctors’ offices require strategic planning, technology and collaboration on top of the ability to deliver medical services. Everything that can go wrong has gone wrong in the health-care setting, and you’ll need to be prepared for the worst. We instill leadership qualities in every one of our students to ensure that they find meaningful work in hospitals, clinics, physicians’ offices and every other dimension of health care.  

The Department of Health Professions offers a plethora of degrees that will help you succeed in the fastest-growing industry in Colorado. Health Care Information Systems majors, in conjunction with the Department of Computer Information Systems, study the technological aspects that make managing health care more efficient. Integrative Health Care majors examine the biological sciences alongside the ancient healing traditions to enhance the ways we help people. Recreation Professions majors are prepared for active and energetic careers as skilled professionals and leaders in diverse outdoor, recreation and health-care settings. And our traditional Health Care Management majors learn how to operate a hospital like a well-oiled machine. If you’ve already earned your undergraduate degree, you can continue your education at MSU Denver with our Master of Health Administration program.  

Our faculty has decades of experience in all aspects of the health-care industry. We use our real-life, high-level experience in our instruction because you’ll certainly face similar circumstances in your career. If you share our passion for improving health outcomes of patients and communities, join us as we serve as your steppingstone into the health-care industry. 

Department Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Health Professions is to provide quality education in preparing students for progressive professional positions in the dynamic health care industry. This is achieved through a multi-disciplinary approach to teaching that is designed to meet the diverse and future needs of our students and the community.

Analicia B., HCM 2012, Non-Profit Healthcare Outreach
“Choosing the Health Care Management program at MSU Denver as my undergrad major was the best decision I could have made. The program curriculum was diverse, offering a wide-range of courses specifically tailored to the challenges experienced in the health care industry both in the past and present day. The Health Care Management program offered me a well-rounded education with exceptional support from the highly knowledgeable, experienced and compassionate faculty.

Analicia B.

MSU Denver '12

Career Prospects

A degree from the Department of Health Professions can open several doors for your career, including places such as:

Hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance providers, consulting firms, government administrations, and more.

Amy Dore_Health Care Management
She is a long-time Roadrunner, graduating from MSU Denver in 1996 with a B.S. in Health Care Management. After that, she earned her Master's of Health Systems from the University of Denver and then her Doctorate of Health Administration from Central Michigan University. When she's not educating the future leaders of the Health Care industry, she enjoys spending time outdoors, photography and spending time with her family.

Dr. Amy Dore

Professor of Health Professions

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MSU Denver's Health Care Management program is certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).

The Health Care Management program is certified by the Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA).