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Our program blends basic science with ancient healing traditions.

IHC Majors

This degree program capitalizes on a recent shift in health care toward integrative medicine, a term for combining Western medical treatments such as pharmaceuticals and surgery with natural therapies such as herbal medicine, physical manipulations, and acupuncture.

The IHC program draws from disciplines such as health education services, health care management, biology, chemistry and nutrition.

Students study the holistic health model, health promotion and disease prevention, human disease and the scientific research methods needed to evaluate the latest techniques in this dynamic field.

They also take elective courses in complementary therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Indian medicine, herbal medicine, homeopathy and aromatherapy.

Students may choose the Extended IHC Major (58-64 credits), the IHC Major (43-46 credits) or, if they are already majoring in another subject, the IHC minor (21 credits) or Wellness Coaching Minor (20-22 credits).

The Extended IHC Major does not require a minor. The IHC Major requires a minor in another subject area. Minors that complement the IHC program include nutrition, health care management, marketing, anthropology, psychology, biology, chemistry, human performance and sport, Spanish, gerontology, pre-healthcare, journalism and recreation services.



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