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Our integrative Health Care Program celebrates many achievements since 2013.

IHC Achievements

Men’s Health Program Creation:

  • A Men's Studies program does not exist throughout the other schools in the USA.
  • The Integrative Healthcare program is unique in that it offers several classes specifically focusing on the needs of men. 
  • ITP 3000 Men's Health is a focused look at the issues of men and masculinity and how this affects men's health, their healthcare beliefs and behavioral choices. 
  • Further, in recognition of the changing demographic of leadership and power in  our society, it is vital to understand the experience of being a man in a culture other than the white male population. 
  • To this end, Dr. Rissman developed the ITP 2810 Men Across Cultures class. 
  • ITP 2820 Men and Anger is another class, focusing on the root of violence and aggression in men.

Creation of courses and certificates:

  • IDP Incubator Wellness Coaching minor with Lifestyle Medicine Focus
  • Entirely online, post baccalaureate Certificate in Wellness Coaching

Faculty and Staff Achievements:

  • Emily Matuszewicz took the senior year and created a full curriculum with ITP 4500 Professionalism (where students work on identifying internships and/or graduate programs, and developing professional skills and behaviors), ITP 4900 Theories and Applications of Knowledge in Integrative Health Care (a senior experience class that looks at how we know what we know), ITP 4990 Internships in IHC (a senior experience course where student completes an internship), and ITP 4991 IHC Capstone (students create a TED talk style presentation about their experience and learning through their academic experience).
  • Emily Matuszewicz and Carol Jensen created a year’s curriculum for their study abroad to India which included ITP 3400, ITP 390F Integrative Healthcare: India (where students learned about India, the Bhopal disaster, and created health education materials to take to the Sambhavna clinic in Bhopal), ITP 490B Integrative Healthcare: Bhopal (the actual 2 week study abroad, service learning trip to the Sambhavna Clinic in Bhopal) and ITP 490F Creating Change in Integrative Health (activism class).
  • MSU Denver IHC Journal Article: An article about our program and more specifically, our IHC majors, was published in February 2016 in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.  Integrative Health Care: An Exploration of Students who Choose this Undergraduate Major is an article that was written after an extensive survey of our IHC majors who volunteered to be part of this research last year.  Results showed that many of our majors discovered the integrative health major and then decided to enroll at MSU Denver.  Also, most IHC majors had used CAM modalities before declaring their major.  Over half of the participants in the survey are dissatisfied with conventional medicine and its providers.  In addition, most IHC majors had a personal interest in CAM and holistic health that influenced their decision to declare an IHC major.  Also, over half of our majors plan to pursue postgraduate training and education in an integrative health related field, and many want to become CAM providers.  This research will help to guide our program to better suit the needs and desires of our IHC majors and to continuously improve.

Local, national, and international conferences and event presentations:

  • Presentation at DU Conference on Internationalization: Emily Matuszewicz, Carol Jensen and IHC seniors Erik Montoya and Kendra Kleidon
  • Poster presentation at the International Congress on Integrative Medicine and Health in Las Vegas.
  • Presentation at the National Wellness Institute Conference in Minneapolis.

2013 - 2016 Faculty/Staff Research Projects:

  • Over the past 3 years the IHC faculty and students have initiated 4 different research projects:
  • Integrative Health Care: An Exploration of Students who Choose this Undergraduate Major – Michelle Tollefson, Len Wisneski, Nancy Sayre, Jeff Helton, Emily Matuszewicz, Carol Jensen and Former Student Interns DesiRae Kraft, Jennifer Gravestock, & Teresa Reynolds
  • NEO FF Personality Study of IHC Students – Emily Matuszewicz, IHC senior Mariah Master, Carol Jensen
  • Do Service Learning Courses Impact Integrative Health Care Students’ Post-Graduation Planning at Metropolitan State University of Denver – IHC senior Mallory O’Connell, Carol Jensen, Jeff Helton
  • Rocky Flats Downwinders Health Survey – Carol Jensen, IHC senior Mallory O’Connell, Jeff Helton


Dr. Linda B. White spent the last 30 years writing books and articles on health from an Integrative Health Care perspective. In 2016, she completed her first novel, which she has been wanting to write her whole life. It is available from Amazon, as a Kindle Edition. Please join us in supporting Linda’s first Science Fiction exploration!



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