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MHA Admission Steps and Requirements



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1. Complete the Graduate Admissions Application and pay the $50 nonrefundable application fee.

Application Dates:

When your application is submitted and complete with all the supplemental items received, our MHA Admission Committee will review it.  We will contact you within three (3) weeks with a decision allowing you time to prepare to start the MHA program and to register for classes.

You will have the choice of when to start your MHA program at one of the following start dates:

  1.     Fall (August)                                              Deadline date June 4, 2021

  2.     Spring (January)                                        Deadline date November 29, 2021

Please note: Unfortunately, the MHA program cannot issue acceptances to international students who wish to obtain a form I-20 to enter the United States. The method in which MHA is currently offered does not meet the federal regulations for on-campus attendance. Students who wish to attend the program from their home country may do so as a Non-Citizen, seeking no visa.

2. Official transcripts are needed from all colleges and universities attended.

  • Official Transcripts sent directly from all colleges and universities attended. Email: 

    *MSU Denver official transcripts are waived for the application, but official transcripts will be required for full admission to the program. 

  • COVID-19 Note: Physical mail may be delayed due to the status of campus amid the COVID-19 global pandemic impacting higher education in Colorado. MSU Denver strongly encourages applicants to submit all documents electronically at this time. 

  • International transcripts must have an official English translation done by a certified translator (if applicable), and a professional course-by-course evaluation showing equivalency to a U.S. bachelor's degree.  World Education Services ( or Education Credential Evaluators ( are recommended professional transcript evaluation service providers. If you prefer to use another company, please contact the graduate admissions coordinator to confirm an evaluation from the service provider will be accepted.

3. Upload Your Resume.

  • Follow the directions in the application link above to upload your resume.

4. Need three (3) professional references

  • You will be requesting your professional references to complete an online survey speaking to your abilities in decision-making, critical reasoning, ethics, and communications.  Survey requests and results are monitored by you through the MSU Denver application process.  Your references can provide a reference letters with their reply.

  • Your professional references should be supervisors and/or professors who can offer evidence of your abilities to complete graduate level course work.

5. Submit a Personal Statement Essay

Submit a well-developed 3-5 page personal essay that will help the MHA Admissions Committee evaluate your readiness and capability for graduate education. The personal statement is a critical part of your admission application and will be the basis for evaluation of your writing skills, capacity for self-awareness, and personal growth. In addition to the required critieria below, you have the option of including anything else you would like the MHA Admissions Committee to know about you. The Department of Health Professions, Health Care Management, and/or Master of Health Administration faculty, advisor's and/or staff will not provide feedback on your personal statement prior to submission. 

Your statement should address each of the topics below. 

  1. The significant factors influencing your decision to pursue a Master of Health Administration degree

  2. Your personal philosophy, values, and professional experiences

  3. Your career plans and focus in the field of health care

  4. Your strengths, unique characteristics, and leadership experiences that are relevant to the health care profession

  5. A time you were given critical feedback and your reaction

  6. Why you believe the MSU Denver's MHA program is best suited for your educational and professional goals

  7. How you will manage the rigorous demands of graduate education

  8. ( If Applicable) If your GPA is below 3.00, provide an explanation as to the reason

    * While some personal information is required to address the essay topics above, you should be judicious in the use of self-disclosure. You are not expected to disclose intimate details of your life; however, if you choose to do so, you should do so only briefly and make it clear how the issue has been resolved so that you may now succeed in the program and the profession. 

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