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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions.

If you have a question that is not listed below please contact the HR Team at 303-615-0999 or for assistance.  

ePAF is a system for submitting electronic personnel action form transactions using the online system

Includes hiring managers and individuals authorized to submit or approve personnel changes on their behalf, for the following employee classes.

  • Professional Staff - Administrative and Classified
  • Faculty Members - Full Time 12 Month or Deferred Pay
  • Student Employees - Work-study, Student Hourly, International Student Employees and Service Stipends
  • Temporary Hourly - Administrative Hourly and Classified Hourly  


    When an ePAF is initiated for staff/faculty/student, based on the established routing queue, it is automatically routed to the finance department and then HR for approval.

    If you are a supervisor/hiring manager, you should have automatic access. If you do not have access, please reach out to the IT Helpdesk at:  

    We are currently offering training classes in Microsoft Teams - please register for a session at

    Additional trainings may be offered and posted on the HR website.  

    Our ePAF User Guide and Training Guides for each employee classification and other ePAF types are posted online for easy access.   

    The system does not send out email notifications.  The Originator will need to alert those in the approval queue that they need to review/take action. The Approver will see the items in their routing queue once they log into self-service. We encourage users to check once a day. 

    Only an originator can make a correction on an ePAF.  An approver would need to select "Return for Correction" and this places the ePAF back in the originators queue.  

    The system does not send out email notifications.  The user that has returned it for correction will need to notify the originator. 

    Human Resources will need to generate and provide a User ID # for a new employee.  Please contact your HR Rep for assistance. 

    The position number will be in PeopleAdmin, linked with the position and applicant.  The position number will also be in the salary recommendation email from the Human Resources Total Rewards team. 

    This will depend on what ePAF is being selected.  For Salary Supplements, it will need to be the first day of the pay period or the pay could get prorated.  For new employees, that will be based on their start date for staff/faculty or the authorization date for student employees. 


    Affiliate hiring will still be processed in FLAC.  If an affiliate will be receiving a salary supplement, this will need to be submitted through ePAF. 

     A salary supplement agreement must be submitted to HR for the personnel file prior to the ePAF submission. The ePAF will need to be submitted to process payment for the employee.  

    The Salary Supplement Agreement will need to be submitted to Human Resources at prior to the work being done.  

    Salary Supplements are a secondary job based off the employees’ primary position. 

    For a student employment specific ePAF, the funding oversight is not required and instead is an optional level that can be added in, if required for the department. A miscellaneous ePAF that is used for a student may have this approval level as required.  

    We will be transitioning away from the SEF2.0 spreadsheet for student employees in October and all actions will need to be submitted in ePAF. 

    The Fiscal Manager would be at the department level - the individual that manages the budget for that area. Funding Oversight would be Charli Pringle-North for grant acknowledgement. If you needed an additional approval (PI), you could add them in the routing queue.

    The suffix will be 00 for all primary jobs.

    Students may have multiple jobs and the additional job(s) would have a suffix of 01, 02 and so forth.  

    For salary supplements we are starting a new schema to track those submitted via ePAF. The initial salary supplement entered through ePAF for all employees will be X1. If they have a second salary supplement at the same time it will have a suffix of X2 and so forth.

    Contact your HR Representative if you are unsure which suffix code to use.  

    The ePAF would have to be "Returned for Correction" for an Originator to add comments if they did not enter them before it was submitted.  

    Position Codes are 6 characters long.  Admininstrative (E line) and Faculty (F line) position codes may have spaces. For example, if it only has 3 numbers, there should be 2 spaces after the letter - (E_ _123) and if there is 4 numers there would be one space (F_1234). 


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