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Second-language writers and speakers: you are not alone!

Although MSU Denver does not offer ESL or English language development, the Immigrant Services Program provides writing, reading, listening, and speaking support to MSU students who speak a language other than English. We are here to help! For an appointment, please contact Gregor Mieder, 303-605-5390 or email

You are not alone!

  • Denver is one of 9 emerging immigrant destinations. 
  • 16% (97’000) of Denver’s population (604’000) are foreign-born
  • 45% of Denver Households speak a non-English language at home (DPS, 2014)

To find resources for ESL writers/speakers click here. Additional resources are also available here.

This are some of the institutions around Denver that offer English classes:

Community College of Denver: Their ESL Program is a "financial-aid-eligible program with a holistic and student-centered approach designed to improve language skills and enhance academic success"

Community College of Aurora (Community ESL Classes): "The Community ESL Program offers classes year-round." They have 10-week terms per year that start in January, April, July, and October.

Emily Griffith Technical College (Language Learning Center): Emily Griffith offer intensive classes in the mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays in levels from beginning to advanced.

Bridge English Language Center: This Program offer English courses specifically designed for students, business executives, or tourists.

Here are a nunber of helpful links to find additional web-based resources to develop your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills!

1. Exercises for all English learners including online grammar exercise, videos, and pronunciation practice:

2. This website provides educational resources for English as a Second Language Students through activities, quizzes, and lessons; good for improving listening, speaking, grammar, and vocabulary skills: 

3. A good resource for young, beginning English language learners:

4. A big variety of English language learning tools:

5. This website for people studying English provides a playful way to learn idioms, proverbs, and slang expressions through quizzes, word games, puzzles, and more:

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