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The Industrial Design program focuses on teaching the skills, knowledge, and dispositions required to facilitate product design for manufacturing industries. An industrial designer typically creates new product ideas or re-designs existing products in a collaborative effort with marketing, engineering, and production teams. Designers create and develop product ideas and then communicate those ideas to clients and production entities through technical drawings, concept and final renderings, mock-ups, models and prototypes.

The curriculum at MSU Denver prepares students for professional design practice by teaching graphic and verbal presentation skills as well as hands on technical skills to enhance their innate creativity. Collaborative projects with other disciplines and industry partners are a vital part of the curriculum and typically occur in the design studio classes. Students also do a professional internship as their senior experience to further enhance the real world learning the department strives for. Students are required to pass through a portfolio review process at the end of the sophomore year to allow registration for upper division studio courses thus maintaining the quality of the program’s graduates. The details of this process are outlined on the department website and available in hard copy at the department office, located in the Aerospace & Engineering Sciences Building, room 200A. Graduates earn a Bachelor of Science Degree. A minor in Industrial Design is also available.

The program is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) and works with the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) to enhance the profession. The department has an active student IDSA chapter and faculty involved in the national leadership of IDSA. Through this solid foundation of an accredited curriculum, and real world learning opportunities, the program’s graduates are well equipped to meet the challenges of the competitive Industrial Design industry.

Internship Practicum

The Industrial Design Professional Internship provides an opportunity for senior students to gain experience under the guidance of an industry professional. The degree-required course, entitled IND 4960: Professional Internship, requires students to complete a total of 150 hours during the semester in a placement relevant to the practice of Industrial Design (Senior Experience). If a student wishes to do their internship at a site where they are currently employed, the ID Internship must differ from their normal work activities and students must complete a project above and beyond their usual job requirements.

Registering for the Professional Internship course, IND 4960, requires students to meet periodically with the assigned instructor to report on progress, to share concerns, and to ask questions. Although the IND department may share information regarding available internship opportunities with students, it is the student’s responsibility to secure an internship that appeals to him/her and will help fulfill their long term design learning/educational goals. 

Prerequisites: satisfaction of all Level I and Level II General Studies course requirements, senior standing, and completion of IND 4450: Advanced Industrial Design Studio.

Internship Provider Packet

Internship Student Packet 

Internship Weekly Report Sheet

Workers Comp Procedures-Provider List 2017

Open Lab Hours

Open labs are closed for the spring 2021 semester. Please check back for information regarding special materials workshops during the month of June 2021.


Woods (125) Not Available  Not Available  Not Available  Not Available 

Not Available 

Not Available Metals (145)

Not Available 

Not Available 

Not Available 

Not Available 

Not Available 
Plastics (225)

Not Available

Not available Not Available Not available

Not Available 

Computer Lab (375) Not Available Not available Not Available Not available

Not Available 

Textiles (265) Not Available Not Available

Not Available

Not Available

Not Available

**Labs are NOT available during classes or outside of open lab hours.**


  • Open Labs will be offered on the select days and times above, beginning 2/1/21, and each week afterward, with the last one being 5/5/21. 
  • Lab access will NOT be made available during spring break or the following week.
  • Only the Metals and Woods labs will be open during these days. The Plastics lab will not be opened, under no circumstances. 
  • Only students needing to work on current IND course-related projects may attend.
  • A capacity of 10 students per lab space will be allowed at any one time. You may sign up for a space HERE.
  • All students working in the labs will be required to wear face masks, all the time, and keep social distancingAny student who does not adhere to the above requirements will be asked to leave the lab immediately.
  • Students’ temperatures will be checked before they enter the lab. 
  • If you are not able to attend your reserved time, please be sure to cancel your reservation so that another student may have the chance to sign up.

By entering IND lab classrooms, you are agreeing to the IND department's Lab Access and Clean Up Policy. Please review here if you have not done so already. IND Lab Access and Clean UP Policy

If you have any questions please contact our lab coordinator, Scott Mourer.

MSU Denver Campus Computer Lab Hours and Locations

Materials Resource List - Local Vendors

Trying to find some materials for your Industrial Design project?

The Industrial Design department has compiled this up-to-date local resource list to assist you in finding materials to include:

  • Wood
  • Metal
  • Plastics
  • Glass
  • Hardware
  • Industrial supplies
  • Fabric, Leather, Fibers
  • Ceramics, Sculpture
  • Prototyping services

Click Materials Resources for the pdf.


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The Department of Industrial Design is accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art & Design.