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How to Reach the Department of Journalism and Media Production

The Department of Journalism and Media Production's main office is currently working remotely. We are ready to support you via email, phone, or video conferencing. If you need assistance, please call us at 303-615-1717 and leave a detailed message; someone will respond within 48 hours. You can also reach us via email at

If you are trying to reach your faculty advisor, please visit the Student Hub and click on 'Academic Advising' under Course Info. You may email them via the provided link. To learn more about temporary changes to general studies academic advising, please visit our CHAS Advising page. 

Reimagine Possible. Reimagine Journalism. Reimagine Media Production. Reimagine Change. Reimagine Yourself.

"To be starting at this moment when journalism itself is changing so much. To be part of remaking it into something new. To be reporting on these difficult times. To be battling untruth with truth." -- Ira Glass, Journalist for NPR's This American Life, Commencement Speech at the Columbia Journalism School Graduation, May 17, 2018

Ira's words not only reflect the change we seek in Journalism, but also the change we seek in every aspect of Media Production - from writing technical communication to public relations, graphic design, video production, broadcasting, social media and leadership in the industry. Be part of the change you seek and join us!



Ricardo Baca exemplifies the traits that make for success in today’s chaotic media world: Audacious, principled and competitive, he goes where the action is while providing a public service. 

He has blazed trails throughout his career: launching an entertainment website while a columnist at the Denver Post and then becoming the paper’s cannabis editor — the first such position in the world. Now he runs an agency that brings journalistic principles to the world of public relations. 

Ricardo recently spoke to Journalism and Media Production students at MSU Denver, his alma matter. As he traced his story, I detected all the traits I discovered when I interviewed 16 former Rocky Mountain News journalists 10 years after they were cast adrift when the paper closed.

To read the full article visit our JMP Today page, click here 


Michelle Baum Assistant Professor, Public Relations Portrait
Roadrunner Shoutout of the Week - Faculty Winner: Michelle Baum "Michelle's expertise and competency are second to none. Her years' experience in the field are not only valuable as a teaching tool, but also create credibility that elevates conversations from theoretical to practical. Beyond her expertise, her empathy and overall demeanor as a teacher set her apart. Not only is she constantly aware of the changes all her students are facing in light of COVID-19, she is intentional about making sure students experience their education in the ways that speak best to them."

Jamie Hurst, J.D., assistant vice president, Strategic Engagement

Portrait of JTC student Andrea Herrera
“I love that I was able to dig into most aspects of journalism. It wasn’t, ‘You’re doing print and that’s all you’re doing,’ or ‘You’re only doing broadcasting.’ It was, ‘You can do podcasting, you can do layout and design for a magazine, you can do all that and see what you’re really drawn to.’”

Andrea Herrera

Convergent Journalism major, '18

Career Prospects

Here’s where a degree in Journalism and Media Production might take you:
Feature Writer, Graphic Designer, Investigative Journalist, Multimedia Journalist, Newspaper Reporter, Photojournalist, Scriptwriter, Social Media Manager, Technical Writer, Video Producer, Web Designer and more.

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