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La Alma Jaguar Summer Club




The Jaguar Club  Summer Program  at La Alma Recreational Center is one of Journey's most cherished events. This 3-week long camp runs  annually every year from the second through fourth weeks of June.


The program is geared to provide ages 6 through 12 years of age a fun filled leadership experience utilizing field trips, science experiments, crafts and arts. Our mission is to help youth connect with their cultural roots and bond with their neighborhood. We  also strive to provide opportunities for MSU Denver students to mentor youth and act as positive role models.

Our Mission : Empowering kids with a positive self-image. Instilling respect for family, community, neighborhood and the environment. Build leadership skills through celebrating heritage and  cultural identity.


End of Club Celebration: This celebration is the icing on the cake. Club members, parents, community, and MSU mentors enjoy music, food, and fun activities to celebrate the end of the program and be able to share what was learned.


Join us  2nd-4th week of June     10 a.m - 3 p.m Monday through Thursday

Art , Crafts, Sports, Field Trips and More

Breakfast, Lunch and Snack provided  


Registration begins April 1st annually by emailing

In Subject Box please put - Attention Jaguar Club Summer Program

For More Info call Dr. Renee Fajardo at 720-329-0869 


Cost: $20 per child         $50 per family  


Where: La Alma Recreational Center

1325 W 11th Ave, Denver, CO 80204



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