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Congratulations Spring 2020 King Competition Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Spring 2020 King Grant Competition!

Hosted by MSU Denver's Center for Entrepreneurship, the donation from the Kenneth King Foundation will help to start or move an existing business to the next stage.

  • Winner of the $3,500 top prize: Angela Roinestad, founder of Organic Temple

We also want to congratulate the following students who won a $500 award towards their businesses.

  • Emily Baroody and Nicole Fleit, founders of ENergy Productions
  • Kalere Hines, founder of Bodyisms

Grand Prize: Angela Roinestad

Founder of Organic Temple

I had been a stay-at-home mom for 20 years. Then I worked for Otter Products, and their leadership talked a lot about entrepreneurship—which made me think about my own potential. My family encouraged me to pursue my lifelong dream of earning a degree, and I enrolled in MSU Denver's entrepreneurship program. My professors and classmates have been supportive, and I love the energy on campus. During the fall semester I worked on my business idea in class and developed a feasible business plan. I used that plan (Organic Temple) to enter the King Grant Competition and I won! I am excited to launch my business and help support my family, contribute to my community, and offer quality products to my customers.

Grand Prize: Organic Temple

Organic Temple Body Care creates beautiful, fragrant, and luxurious body care products. We use high-quality, organic ingredients in our products that are specifically designed to support a healthy lifestyle and delight the senses. We are committed to exploring the amazing world of ingredients found in nature to make products that you will look forward to using every day. Our website will be opening soon and you will be able to purchase products—like our soft and smooth lotion that is perfect for restoring hydration to your frequently washed hands. Please visit us at to sign up for notifications and special offers!

Second Place, $2,000 Prize: Joey Dikeman, Zelos

Zelos focuses on providing Colorado with a fashionable esports team that focuses on both competition and content creation. We want to create fashionable street-wear that is backed by a winning team that fans would be proud to support. We compete in local tournaments at various esports arenas around Denver as well as compete in tournaments against teams around the world. We want to represent Colorado as it is, a huge esports market with no local teams. I personally want to unite gamers around Colorado under one brand.

$500 Prize: Emily Baroody and Nicole Fleit

Emily Baroody (Senior, Dance) and  Nicole Fleit (Senior, Dance) are the founders of ENergy Productions.

$500 Prize: ENergy Productions

ENergy Productions produces sustainable immersive experiences that submerge the viewer in an intimate display of art. We collaborate with creators across all industries to make each event a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Every event is a celebration of individuality where everyone can interact, react, and be influenced by art unfolding all around. ENergy also produces innovative events that highlight new product releases for brands, organizes team building trainings for corporate events, and we aspire to offer creative consulting for companies looking to reimagine culture or products. 

$500 Prize: K, Hines, Bodyisms

Kalere Hines (Junior, Dance) is the founder of Bodyisms, a dance education institution. 

We strongly believe in applying our core values and Personal Responsibility Model (PRM) directly into our curriculum, the flow of our classes, and movement practices. Every concept in the PRM is applies through social emotional learning. Fusing both mind and body as one allows a sense of enhanced self-awareness and freedom within our students.

The world around us is constantly changing. We challenge our students to use critical thinking as well as creativity for problem solving, establishing community while communicating and growing through life with an active sense of self-awareness and personal responsibility.

Students will engage in our Personal Responsibility Model throughout the course of the 10-week sessions. Mentally and physically channeling the PRM, students are engaging in distinct practices- defined as "isms". We factor in Mindful Movement by incorporating movement meditations and mindfulness before or after class. Lastly, inquiry-based learning helps students co-create their learning environment.

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