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K-12 Teacher Licensure

As a Modern Languages major, you have the option of following a course sequence to obtain K-12 world languages teacher license, which is valid in Colorado. More specifically, choosing this sequence means you will have a Modern Languages Major with a Concentration in K-12 Education for World Languages Licensure.

What this means:

Obtaining K-12 world languages teacher license as a Modern Languages major enables you to teach your chosen language in primary and secondary schools throughout Colorado. The MSU Denver Modern Languages K-12 World Languages Teacher Licensure program is a joint effort between the Department of Modern Languages and the School of Education, both of which follow state guidelines to ensure you have the necessary coursework, proficiency, and field experiences in K-12 schools to be a competent educator and a competitive candidate on the job market.

*Note that the K-12 World Languages Teacher Licensure program differs from the minor in Elementary Education: only the K-12 Teacher Licensure program provides you with the necessary qualifications to teach your selected language upon completion.

K-12 Program Information and Application Instructions:

Please consult the School of Education’s Department of Secondary Education website for the most current program information, advising guides, and application instructions:

  • Undergraduate Licensure (if you do not yet have a university degree)
  • Post-Baccalaureate Licensure (if you do already have a university degree)

Currently, the faculty advisor for all students pursuing undergraduate or post-baccalaureate licensure in any world language is Dr. Kelly Conroy. Please schedule a meeting with her as soon as possible to determine the list of courses you must take—and when they are offered.

Important Reminder:

To obtain teacher licensure in the state of Colorado, all candidates must complete two national exams prior to student teaching: the Praxis and the OPIc. Please meet with the aforementioned faculty advisor to learn what they entail, how to sign up, and when to take them.

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