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MSU Denver Symphony Orchestra

Orchestra Auditions for Fall 2021
Photo of Symphony Orchestra students

Orchestra auditions for Fall 2021 must be video recorded and submitted to Dr. Brandon Matthews by 11:59 PM on the first day of the semester (August 23). You may use Yuja, YouTube, or another video sharing service, or email your file directly to

Your video file must include:

  1. A scale of your choice (three octaves preferred but two is acceptable)

  2. The selected excerpt for your instrument. The excerpt is one page of music from Paul Hindemith’s Mathis der Mahler Symphony (either the introduction to the third movement or the second movement plus the start of the third, depending on the instrument). Play all the music included on the page, but you need not count the multi-measure rests; just skip them and move on.

    Orchestra Audition Excerpts:
    Bass (PDF)
    Bassoon (PDF)
    Cello (PDF)
    Clarinet (PDF)
    Flute (PDF)
    Horn (PDF)
    Oboe (PDF)
    Trombone (PDF)
    Trumpet (PDF)
    Tuba (PDF)
    Viola (PDF)
    Violin (PDF)

If you have any questions about the audition or how the ensemble will operate in the fall semester, please e-mail Dr. Matthews directly at


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