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Hope for the Future Award


MSU Denver’s Hope for the Future Award honors Dr. Rachel B. Noel’s distinguished legacy as a warrior of the civil rights movement and her effort to integrate Denver’s public schools. We are seeking nominations to recognize and honor individuals who have walked in Dr. Rachel B. Noel’s shoes by promoting equal rights, education, community service and inclusive excellence for all. We are particularly interested in nominees who can demonstrate measurable progress in promoting inclusiveness, equality, diversity, and multiculturalism. Their efforts may involve, but are not limited to, active civic engagement, institutional leadership, and academic scholarship that has contributed substantially to Rachel B. Noel’s vision of progressive social change. Recipients will be honored at the annual Rachel B. Noel Awards Ceremony.

Eligibility of Nominees

Nominations are open to anyone from the Denver Metro Area, either as a member of the campus community or a member of the local community.

Nomination Guidelines

Nominations should address at least ONE of the following areas:

  • Civic Engagement: In what ways is the nominee involved with the community? How do those actions promote inclusiveness, equality, diversity, and multiculturalism?
  • Institutional Leadership: To what extent are the nominee's leadership skills evident in advancing inclusiveness, equality, diversity, and multiculturalism?
  • Academic Excellence: How does the nominee promote Dr. Rachel B. Noel’s vision via curricular reform, professional development, and dissemination of research findings?

Submission procedure

Complete the nomination form below. Nominations must be received by 11:59 pm, Feburary 1, 2020. Be thorough in completing the online form. If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties in filling out this application, please contact Jeremy VanHooser via email

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