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Applying for the DTR Exam

MSU Denver Human Nutrition and Dietetics graduates are eligible to take the Dietetic Technician, Registered (DTR) exam to earn the DTR credential.  Once you have graduated and received your DPD Verification Statement from MSU Denver, you may apply to take the exam. 

Please provide the following to the DPD Director:

  1. Complete the NDTRE and DTRE Misuse form and return the signed and dated document to your program director.
  1. Please submit your official transcripts showing the degree has been completed. Your program director must have your original degree transcripts before they are able to submit your name for registration eligibility.
  1. Verification Statement (no submission needed – on file with the DPD Director) - You will receive a minimum of five or six original Verification Statements (VS) upon completion of your program. These original VS forms are for you to provide, upon request, to prospective employers, the licensure board and to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics for membership.

For more information you can also review the Commission on Dietetic Registration Instructions for applying for the DTR Exam.


Suggestions for Studying for the DTR:

Allocate adequate time to study.  Students are often surprised by the number of test questions focused on food service and food service management (~50% of the exam).  Our program is not designed to prepare you for this exam; it is designed to prepare you for the internship and RD exam.   Other graduates have recommended the following study resources:  the "secrets" guide to the DTR by the company Mometrix and flashcards online via  The program has a copy of the Academy’s 6th Edition of the Study Guide for the Registration Examination for Dietetic Technicians (2011).  You may review this guide, including a practice examination, in our office. Also, it’s always helpful to check in with past graduates who have passed the exam through the Auraria Campus Student Dietetic Association FaceBook page,

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