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Mission Statement 

The MSU Denver Pathways to Possible (P2P) program is an intentional and strategic program designed to recruit underserved high school students and support them on their pathway to college success. Deep partnerships with Denver Public Schools turn-around schools, and an aggressive rural strategy to develop outreach to high schools in underserved areas of Northeastern Colorado, along with community engagement activities, will allow MSU Denver to root itself in the communities we know we are best positioned to serve. 

We are seeking students who are: 

  • Committed to self-growth 
  • Career oriented 
  • Seek leadership development 
  • Value diversity & equity 

Steps to Apply

  1. Apply and be admitted to MSU Denver
  2. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or CASFA (this application replaces MSU’s DAIA application)
  3. Complete the Pathways to Possible student information form
    • Search for the email "Scholarship Opportunity: Pathways to Possible" to find the application form. If you can't find the form, please email to get access.
  4. Attend a New Student Orientation

Student Benefits 

  • $1000 Stipend every year 
  • Scholarship covering summer courses 
  • Leadership Development  
  • A dedicated Student Success Coach to help guide your progress 
  • Paid summer internships  
  • Campus Employment  
  • Opportunity to connect with career professionals of your choice  
  • Connection to faculty  
  • Support from Career Counselor in building your career path 

About the Program

Pathways to Possible is a college access program dedicated to supporting high school students to and through their journey at Metropolitan State University of Denver.  

Program Components: During High School  

Peer Health Exchange 

As early as the 9th grade, students in partner high schools will have access to college mentors using the innovative Peer Health Exchange model to provide virtual support for students struggling to connect, persist, and manage their wellbeing.   

College Credit  

Pathways to Possible Program offers access to dual enrollment courses to partners schools. Concurrent enrollment provides the opportunity for helping students begin to accrue college credit well before they matriculate at MSU Denver.    

MSU Admissions Application Support

A Pathways to Possible Admissions Counselor will be assigned to each school and will support prospective students with college coaching, admissions application support and begin to craft a cohort of students who will be guaranteed admission to MSU Denver as Pathways to Possible program participant. 


Transition to Colleg- Smoothing the transition to MSU Denver 

High School Graduation to Freshman Year 

P2P scholars will spend the summer between high school graduation and their first Fall at MSU Denver in a summer bridge experience, taking a 1-credit University Life course and a 3-credit general studies course, combined with robust pre-orientation activities to build social and academic capital.  


Summer Enrichment 

The summer semesters will be used to actively engage students in curricular and co-curricular activities ensuring they remain connected to the MSU Denver and make progress toward degree completion. The progression of activities each summer is intended to help students build social capital, academic self-efficacy, sense of belonging and overall college aptitude.  Each summer, participants will complete an academic milestone paired with a co-curricular activity.   


Student Eligibility  

  • Be a newly accepted MSU Denver High School Student 
  • Graduate from a Denver Public High School or a graduate from selected Rural Districts 
  • Agree to participate and engage in the Summer Transition Program 



Program Information  

Program Director

Eric Silva

Admissions Questions 

Office of Admissions 


Office of Admissions  
Campus Box 16 PO Box 173362 
Denver, CO 80217-3362 

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