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Welcome to the Perkins Office Homepage!


COVID-19: Updates and Resources

We want to let you know that, while the Perkins Loan Department at MSU Denver is continuing to operate remotely during these challenging times, we are still committed to providing you with the best possible service. 

Recently, the Department of Education/Federal Student Aid (FSA) has released information regarding the temporary waiver of interest accrual and the temporary suspension of payments. Unfortunately, the FSA has stated that Federal Perkins Loans held by institutions are not eligible for these benefits at this time. Below, you will find a link to the FSA FAQ regarding COVID-19. 

Even though Perkins Loans are not explicitly covered by the FSA announcement, you may still be eligible to temporarily suspend your payments by applying for a Deferment or Forbearance.  These forms can be found on the Unisa webpage for Borrower Forms. Please look through each form to determine which one would be best for your situation. Once complete, email the documents to

If you cannot make your scheduled payment(s) and are not eligible for deferment or forbearance, you may want to consolidate your Perkins Loan. Information on Loan Consolidation can be found at

Payments on your Perkins Loan Account with MSU Denver are still being accepted at this time. CLICK HERE to pay your account with a credit card in our secured, self-service online customer portal.

Due to economic circumstances related to the coronavirus, we understand that it may be difficult to meet your financial obligations. If you need assistance with your account, please contact us directly at (303) 615-0072.


Helping you piece together
the puzzle of financing

Our Mission:

The Perkins Loan is an alternative to the Stafford Loans. It is a federal low interest loan that MSU Denver manages all aspects of. This loan is set at a 5% fixed interest rate and has several additional benefits. We monitor all students through out the life of their loans. We ensure that the student is educated about all of the benefits of their loan and help them with all repayment options.


About Us:

The Perkins Office is responsible for all aspects of your loan once it has been awarded to you by the Office of Financial Aid. Some of these duties include:

  • Handling all entrance/acceptance paperwork.

  • Conducting exit interviews for all graduating students.

  • Deferments and Cancellations

  • Repayment options

  • Consolidation options

  • Assisting with the monitoring of your Perkins account.


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