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How to Reach the Department of Physics

The main office is currently working remotely. We are ready to support you via email, phone, or video conferencing. If you need assistance, please call us at (303)-615-1110; the office phones are being forwarded. If you reach voicemail, please leave a message. We will be checking the voicemail every hour during business hours and responding to ASAP. You can also reach us via email:

Physics at MSU Denver

Physics is the most fundamental of sciences, underpinning all others. Research in physics remains vibrant, challenging and inspiring.

From the stars in the sky to the atomic particles in the atmosphere, physics has a grasp on it all. As complicated as it may seem, physics – alongside its complementary math and philosophy – is the foundation of all sciences. Physicists who apply their expertise with biology, chemistry or astronomy can help cure disease, fight climate change and understand the evolution of our universe. Studying nature and how it works is crucial to improving humanity, and that is what we hope you get out of your Physics degree from MSU Denver.  

The Department of Physics offers a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree for those pursuing a career in education, as well as a Minor in Physics. You’ll develop important skills as a Physics major, such as the ability to think critically and objectively and solve unforeseen problems. The advanced mathematical skills you’ll learn will serve you well in computer programming, engineering and so much more. Our graduates thrive in whichever career path they follow, even those that aren’t scientific.  

There are plenty of ways to change the world for the better, but almost none of them can be implemented without an understanding of physics. The opportunity to use knowledge in practical applications is what motivates physicists around the world. If you’re up for a challenging degree that will test you throughout your career, the Department of Physics at MSU Denver will help you pave the way.

“Physics not only trains you to think outside of the box – it shows you how the box works.”

Michael Roos

MSU Denver '17

Career Prospects

Here are some careers you might not be able to pursue without a degree in Physics:

  • Biophysicist
  • Seismologist
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Ballistics Expert
  • Astronomer

Azure Avery_Physics
She spearheads the collaboration between the Department of Physics and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory that gives Physics majors research and enrichment opportunities through NREL internships.

Dr. Azure Avery

Professor of Physics

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