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Shared Governance

University Governance

PDF Version: BOT Shared Governance Statement


  1. Introduction
  2. Roles and Responsibilities
  3. Policy Statement
  4. Related Information
  5. Policy History

I. Introduction

  1. Authority: Colorado Revised Statutes (C.R.S.) § 23-54-102, et seq. (2019) authorizes the Trustees of Metropolitan State University of Denver ("MSU Denver" or "University") to establish rules and regulations to govern and to operate the University and its programs. The MSU Denver Trustees retain authority to approve, to administer, and to interpret policies pertaining to University governance. The MSU Denver Trustees authorize the MSU Denver President to approve, to administer, and to interpret policies pertaining to University operations.

  2. Purpose: The shared governance statement establishes a collaborative decision-making process, which includes the participation of faculty, students, staff and other University constituencies, and identifies the President as the University officer responsible for overseeing the shared governance process.

  3. Scope: This policy applies to University employees, students, and community members.

II. Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Responsible Executive: Chief Executive Officer

  2. Responsible Administrator: Chief Executive Officer

  3. Responsible Office: President's Office

  4. Policy Contact: Chief Executive Officer, 303-615-0060

  5. President's Cabinet: President’s Cabinet is a culmination of the University’s shared governance structure. Through robust discussion, President’s Cabinet provides responsive and informed recommendations to the President on policies, proposals, and other matters of broad institutional significance, including strategic planning. Cabinet members are responsible for sharing discussions and recommendations with their respective constituency group. The Cabinet’s goal is to advance MSU Denver as one of the nation’s preeminent urban universities.

III. Policy Statement

Within the University's statutory role and mission and the Board of Trustees’ operational mission, all constituencies have a role and a responsibility to assist the University to achieve excellence in all areas of University activity. The Board of Trustees welcomes and expects the participation of faculty, students, staff and other University constituencies in the decision-making process. The Board of Trustees delegates to the President, as the chief executive officer of the University, full authority and responsibility for administering the University within the policies and procedures established by the Board of Trustees.

The President must establish and maintain an open environment of communication with all members of the University community and establish avenues for consultation and recommendation by faculty, students, and staff regarding policy matters considered by the Board of Trustees. The Board expects the President to elicit the participation and facilitate the fulfillment of the roles and responsibilities of the University's constituencies and organized, constituent groups in the University's internal, decision-making processes. It is through the initiative, participation and effort of all the University's constituencies that excellence is achieved.

V. Policy History

  1. Approved by: Board of Trustees

  2. Effective: July 1, 2019

  3. Revised: This policy supersedes section 1.2 of the MSCD Trustees Policy Manual, 2007.

  4. Review: This policy will be reviewed every five years or as deemed necessary by University leadership.

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