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President's Operational Policies

This site incorporates operational policies adopted by the President as authorized by the Board of Trustees pursuant to C.R.S. ยง 23-54-102, et seq.

Policies related to University administration and operations, including communication, facilities, legal compliance, risk management and strategic planning.

1.1 Public Records Access (CORA)

1.2 Facilities Use

1.3 Political Activity and Lobbying

1.4 Global Email to Employees

1.5 Global Email to Students

1.6 Communicable Diseases

1.7 Signature Authority

Records Management

Policies related to accounting, budgeting, financial planning, fundraising, procurement, travel, and other financial functions.

2.1 Cell Phones and Tablets

2.2 Food and Beverage Purchasing

2.3 Gift and Gift Card Purchasing

2.4 Revenue Generating Programs and Activities

2.5 Sales Tax

2.6 Contractual Indemnification Approval

2.7 University Material Lending

Policies related to data integrity and security, information use and resources, information technology and infrastructure, social media, and web resources.

4.1 Acceptable Use of Computing Systems

4.2 Data Classification

4.3 Device Security

4.4 Email and Electronic Communications Security

4.5 Information Security Awareness Training

4.6 Remote Access to Computing Systems

4.7 User Account (NetID) Management

4.8 Web Content Accessibility

4.9 Social Media

Policies related to student rights, responsibilities, conduct, engagement and wellness.

5.1 Student Code of Conduct

5.2 Student Complaints

5.3 Student Fees

5.4 Health Insurance Requirement

5.5 Immunization Requirement

5.6 Veterans Affairs Tuition and Fee Payments



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