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The Professional Development Conference (PDC) was a product of a leadership development program at our institution; the participants noted that many university employees did not have regular access to professional development, so they worked with leadership to create a conference for MSU Denver employees, put on by MSU Denver employees and presented by MSU Denver employees. The keynote speaker is typically the only non-employee to present at the conference; we feel that by asking current faculty and staff to present at the PDC, our committee is providing additional development and presentation opportunities.

Previous keynote speakers, their year and theme can be found below:

• Coming Together for Community Wellness 2021
• Canceled due to COVID-19 in April 2020
• Ruha Benjamin (2019, Shape Our Systems for Collective Success)
• Zach Mercurio (2018, Purpose Ignites Passion)
• Bryan Alexander (2017, Optimistic Uncertainty)
• Curt Coffman (2016, Culture Eats Strategy)
• David Marquet (2015, Tools You Can Use)
• Emily Hoffman (2014, Bridging the Gap)
• Corey Criswell (2013, Climate Change)
• Adriana Kezar (2012, Spirit of Collaboration-By Design)
• Traci Fenton (2011, Democratic Workplace)

2018 Keynote

Zach Mercurio, Purpose and Meaningful Work Expert



2018 Professional Development Conference Slideshow

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