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Become culturally conversant so you can work anywhere – not just in Colorado, but the world. Learn how international businesses and nonprofits operate and acquire experiences you can put on a résumé and take with you into an international career.

The bachelor of arts degree program in Global Business Studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver offers a compelling amalgam of foundational business courses, global cultural perspective classes and career-relevant experiences such as internships, study abroad and foreign language study. From courses in accounting and global management to study abroad opportunities in Costa Rica, Europe, China and Southeast Asia, you will acquire the business acumen and cultural literacy to build an international career or pursue graduate studies.


Program Options

The MSU Denver Management Department in the College of Business offers several internationally focused programs from which to choose:

B.A. in Global Business Studies

B.S. in International Business

International Business Concentration – for business majors who would like to add an international focus to their program

Minor in International Business – for non-business majors who want to augment their program with international business studies


Benefits of Earning Your Degree at MSU Denver

Programs at MSU Denver emphasize experiential learning, which means you will have the chance to develop professional skills while also acquiring a knowledge base in business and cultural studies.

  • Intern at a company located in another country.
  • Study internationally in a business-related program in Costa Rica, China, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries that are available through the partnerships the College of Business has with foreign universities.
  • Take a foreign language.
  • Choose a minor in a complementary field such as accounting, marketing, French, Spanish, Nonprofit Studies or another discipline.


Career Opportunities for Our Graduates

four images: company engaged in global business, trade specialists

MSU Denver’s bachelor’s degree program in Global Business Studies offers you an enormous range of ways for you to leverage your education. 

The Global Business Studies degree program prepares you to apply for job positions in global nonprofits, NGOs, diplomatic organizations, trade specialists and companies engaged in global business.


Debbie Gilliard


Deborah GilliardManagement Department Chair Debbie Gilliard has spearheaded the development of MSU Denver’s global business programs. She is active in the community, serving as a representative to the Aurora Chamber of Commerce and is on the Board of the Western Decision Sciences Institute. She has visited 57 countries.




Learn more about MSU Denver College of Business faculty.

Sample Classes

international business with Deborah Gilliard

In addition to general business courses, you will also take classes specific to Global Business Studies such as:

Global Economics and International Trade
International Money and Finance
International Business
Global Management
Marketing Around the Globe
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Workforce Diversity
Introduction to International Relations
International Political Economy

 Learn more about your Global Business Studies curriculum.

Facilities and Resources

The downtown Denver business district is located just steps from MSU Denver’s campus, Colorado’s Capitol building, the city’s World Trade Center, which is a hub for global business in the region and countless other businesses offering opportunities for internships and jobs.

Program Accreditation

The Global Business Studies program is an interdisciplinary degree. About half of your program will take place in MSU Denver’s College of Business, which is among the 5 percent of business programs in the world to be AACSB-accredited.

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