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MSU Denver offers teacher licensure programs to undergraduate degree-seeking students who are interested in teaching specific content areas. Such degree options for students interested in teaching Social Studies to grades 7-12 are:

In the same time it would take you to complete any other four-year degree, you will have earned a bachelor's degree and recommendation to the Colorado Department of Education for licensure upon completing this program.

Students seeking teacher licensure in Social Studies can also add the following concentration:

  • Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Focus

Program Options

If you have questions about teacher licensure, contact a professional advisor in the School of Education. If you have questions about the major (degree) you are interested in, contact the advisor for your major and let them know you are planning to pursue teacher licensure with your degree.

Hear from our students:

“With graduation and law school around the corner, I can’t thank you [the faculty] enough ... you’ve always had so much faith in me that it’s pushed me to become a better me.”

—Jennifer Rystrom (BA in political science ’14)

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