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Colorado is home to the second-largest aerospace economy and highest concentration of privately held aerospace companies in the United States. Colorado’s strategic location in the center of the continental U.S. – alongside nine of the nation’s top aerospace contractors operating in the state – provides a thriving environment for those seeking careers in the commercial space industry!

In the coming years, the private sector will dramatically expand its for-profit operations relying on space-based resources and assets. Commerce reliant on space operations will become increasingly popular and constantly evolve with new market demands. Much of the infrastructure and operations needed to support these new frontiers will be built and operated by commercial space companies in Colorado. Markets supporting space tourism, near-Earth resource development, sub-orbital transportation, and space derived data services are already in their its early stages of development. This certificate provides you with the knowledge and skills needed for a firm understanding of how to asses these opportunities and contribute professionally to entities relying on space as a business asset.

Our Space Commercialization Certificate will enable you to competently analyze the future trends in space commerce and exploration, assess risks, and optimize planning and integrating business concerns into the commercial space environment. Enroll today and let MSU Denver serve as your launchpad to the career of your dreams.

Program Options

This certificate allows you to purse concentrations in space systems development and space-based commercial products and services.

Benefits of Earning Your Degree at MSU Denver

Our Aviation and Aerospace Science program has maintained professional partnerships and placed many of our graduates with commercial space operators. Various levels of satellite operations and manufacturing are conducted on the Auraria Campus at Metro State University of Denver. You will be introduced to the operations and tools used by many private and government organizations to manage commercial space systems.

Sample Classes

AES 2607 - Introduction to Aerospace Systems Simulation or- AES 3620 - Aerospace Systems Project & Mission Scheduling

AES 3600 - Space Flight Operations I

AES 4601 - Space Flight Operations II

AES 4602 - Aerospace Commercialized Ops.

AES 4603 - Aerospace Ops. Systems Analysis & Design

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