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Speech-language pathologists and audiologists help people with speech, language, hearing and balance disorders.

As an MSU Denver Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences major, you will learn in small classes from professors with expertise in the field. Areas of study include: normal language development and the rich diversity of communication styles throughout the United States, language disorders in children and adults, anatomy and physiology of speech, language and hearing structures along with the problems that can develop in those structures. 

The Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences program places students in community-based clinical internships focused on spoken language. Students also learn how to test hearing by utilizing audiological instruments located on campus. Such practical experiences provide hands-on experience and insight you can take with you into your career.

The MSU Denver Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences degree program in the Department of Communication Arts and Sciences prepares you to work as a speech-language pathology assistant or to pursue a graduate degree in speech-language pathology or audiology.

Program Options

B.A. in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences

B.A. in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences with a Concentration in Childhood Communication

Minor in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences

Speech, Language, Hearing Science Leveling Certificate (post-baccalaureate)

Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Certificate (post-baccalaureate)

Career Opportunities for Our Graduates

four images, a doctor's lab coat lined with pens on the pocket, a student listening to bright pink headphones, a soundboard, and dictionary entries

Speech-language pathologists and audiologists work in schools, community clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation centers and private practice.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, $73,419 is the median salary for speech-language pathologists and $74,890 for audiologists. The fields have an expected growth rate of 21 percent and 29 percent, respectively, from 2014-2024.


Jessica Rossi-Katz_SpeechJessica Rossi-Katz

Professor Jessica Rossi-Katz, Ph.D., teaches anatomy and physiology of speech, speech and hearing science, and supervises students engaged in clinical and research opportunities. Her own research ranges from older adults’ difficulties understanding speech in noisy environments to loudness of personal listening devices in college students to educational theatre delivering hearing-health messages to elementary children.


Siva SanthanamSiva Santhanam

Dr. Santhanam is an assistant professor in Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences. She mentors students in research and is the developer of ISSAC, a program for students with autism on campus. Her research focuses on (1) developing and implementing innovative methods of intervention for young children and adults with autism spectrum disorders, (2)  supporting parent-child interactions in families of children with autism spectrum disorders and other developmental disabilities, and (3) multicultural service delivery in speech-language pathology.


Maria Walsh-AzizMarcia Walsh-Aziz

Assistant Professor Marcia Walsh-Aziz, Ph.D., was a speech language pathologist in Illinois for five years before coming to Colorado to pursue her doctorate. Most of her clinical and research experiences are related to children with hearing loss, American Sign Language, and language development.


Paula McGuire_SpeechPaula McGuire

Assistant Professor Paula McGuire recently joined the SLHS faculty. She previously served as chair of the Department of Speech and Language Pathology at Aurora University in Illinois and as director of the Speech, Language, and Learning Clinic at Northwestern University, also in Illinois.

Featured Alumni

“After my first week at MSU Denver, I knew I was on the right career path. The teachers had so much energy and were so helpful. They were experienced, and they loved their work. I currently have my own business and have never been happier. I credit the teachers I had at MSU Denver for where I am today because they were knowledgeable and guided me down the right path.”

Mandi Solat, MSU Denver ‘94, audiologist and owner of Audiology Services in Lakewood, Colo.


“I think it is nearly impossible for anyone to graduate from MSU Denver’s SLHS program and not feel prepared and excited to keep moving forward with the profession. This is largely due to the outstanding, brilliant and diligent professors.”

Jessica Beers, MSU Denver ’14, speech language pathologist at Infinity Rehab in Ellensburg, Wash.


Alumni at Work

These are worksites that currently or recently employed MSU Denver Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences graduates:

  • Children's Hospital Colorado
  • University of Colorado Hospital
  • Denver Ear Associates
  • Denver Public Schools
  • East Central BOCES
  • Jefferson County School District
  • Douglas County School District

Speech, Language, Hearing Sciences Program Alumni in Graduate School

MSU Denver Speech, Language, Hearing Science graduates are presently studying in or have recently obtained postgraduate degrees from universities in Arizona, Idaho, Illinois, Kansas, Minnesota, Nebraska, Oregon, South Carolina, Tennessee, Utah, Washington, Wisconsin and Wyoming as well as the two in-state programs at the University of Colorado Boulder and the University of Northern Colorado. 

Learn more about MSU Denver Speech, Language, Hearing Science alumni.

Sample Classes

Professor Lisa Hagan during a class lesson

Here are some classes you might take as a Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences student:
American Sign Language I and II
Speech and Hearing Science
Language Acquisition
Child Language Disorders
Anatomy and Physiology of Speech
Speech, Sound and Fluency Disorders
Diagnostic Audiology
Rehabilitative Audiology
Neurogenic Language Disorders in Adults
Speech-Language Pathology Assistant Methods

Facilities and Resources

MSU Denver is located on the Auraria Campus, which it shares with the University of Colorado Denver and Community College Denver. Its proximity to downtown Denver offers access to a wide range of clinical internships sites working with diverse clients.

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