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Here is some information you need to know if you are planning to graduate this semester:

Once you have applied for graduation and receive notification from our Graduation Team of an adjustment that needs to be made to your application, you will need to complete a Graduation Application Addendum.

Bachelor's Students:

All graduation candidates should be aware of basic degree requirements, in particular the following policies:

1. Students who have repeated courses, either at MSU Denver or in transfer, may show more credit than can be applied to degree requirements. Only the grade for the last attempt of the course will remain on the student’s academic record. Students are responsible for reporting this to the Office of the Registrar and failure to do so may negatively affect their ability to graduate.

2. A minimum of 120 semester hours, along with all other requirements for a degree, is required to graduate.

3. The honors designation is calculated twice: once for the commencement ceremony; and again at the end of the final semester for the official designation. The complete Honors Policy is located on the Commencement website under the Students/Candidates tab.

In accordance with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), you must give the Office of the Registrar permission to discuss and provide you with information regarding your graduation status over the phone. You can give us permission by initialing the appropriate box on the graduation application. If you do not initial the appropriate box, we will not be able to provide you with information over the phone.

 Graduation Checklist - Undergraduate Students

Masters Students:

Graduation policies for Graduate students are listed in the Graduate Catalog 

Graduation Checklist - Graduate Students

Summer Graduates:

Students who are within 12 credit hours of graduating and plan to graduate during the Summer semester are allowed to walk in the Spring ceremony by submitting a "Walk-Only" form.

 Visit the Commencement webpage for information on the Commencement Ceremony!

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