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Peer Mentoring

The Roadways Peer Mentoring program was established in Fall 2018 and is proving to reap benefits for our MSU Denver students. Every student at MSU Denver is assigned a Roadways Peer Mentor and these Peer Mentors provide students a personalized connection to resources to support students’ sense of belonging, and ultimately, retention to MSU Denver. After one year, the Fall to Spring persistence rates of students who engaged with Peer Mentoring was 3 points higher than students who did not engaged with Peer Mentoring.

Peer Mentoring Facts & Data

Supplemental Instruction

During the Fall 2018 term, Roadways provided Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions for students in 19 courses. The course enrollment was 1,496 students for these courses, with 338 unique students participating in SI (23%). The student contact hours through SI sessions totaled 1,630. In courses supported by Supplemental Instruction, the average DFW rate for all students participating in SI was 17% lower, or 18% as compared to 35% for students not participating in SI sessions (DFW rate = percentage of Ds, Fs, and Withdrawals). The average course grade of all SI-supported courses for participants was 0.35 higher, or 2.56 as compared to 2.21 for non-participants. Of SI-supported courses, 7 had at least 20 students participate in 1 or more SI sessions; in these courses, SI participants averaged 0.56 higher course grades and 18.9% lower DFW rate than non-participants.

College Works

The College Works program collaborates with community equity-based summer employment programs to provide incoming MSU Denver freshman the chance to work in departments on campus over the summer.  During the summer, participants attend weekly college skills sessions and work with peer mentors in order to build a sense of community and gain the skills to hit the ground running in the fall.  This summer we had 15 participants, all of whom are registered for fall classes.  They will also all be continuing employment on campus as student employees. 

The Academic & Career Excellence (A.C.E.) Scholarship

The Academic & Career Excellence (A.C.E.) scholarship is a summer scholarship which covers 6 credits of in-state tuition and fees.  This summer, we were able to award 23 students this scholarship.  The 23 students were registered for a total of 144 credits and received a total of 107 credits. GPAs for the summer semester covered a wide range: 11 students received a 3.0 or higher, 3 students received 2.0-3.0, 8 students received below a 2.0 and one student withdrew from all classes.  At this time, 21 of the 23 students are registered for fall, 1 student transferred to CU Boulder, and 1 student is taking a semester off. 

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