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RSR Workstation Information

As part of the University's Safe Return to Campus initiative, employees should ensure any equipment they took home during the transition to remote work is brought back to their campus office. ITS Leadership and the Roadrunner Safe Return committee are in ongoing discussions on how to handle requests for additional equipment to support a hybrid workforce, but please be aware that ITS is not equipped to deploy two separate workstation setups for the entire University.

Equipment Checklist

Below is a checklist you can use to keep track of all the equipment you'll need to bring back to campus.

  • Laptop/Desktop
    • AC adapter/power cable
  • Monitor
    • Power cable
    • Video cable (HDMI, VGA, etc.)
    • USB cable
    • Other adapters
  • Docking Station
    • Power cable
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Printer (if applicable)
    • Power cable
    • USB cable
  • iPad (if applicable)
    • Lightning cable
    • Power brick
  • Other devices (if applicable)
    • External camera
    • External microphone
    • External speakers
    • Headset
  • Other adapters & cables (if applicable)
    • Ethernet cable
    • Ethernet adapter
    • Dell mobile adapter
    • USB hub
    • Surge protector/power strip
    • Adapters & power cables for additional devices

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