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In the event of an emergency...

In the event of a life-threatening emergency, please call 911. Note that calling 911 from any Auraria campus phone will dispatch the Auraria Police Department. You may also reach the Auraria Police Department by calling 303-556-5000 from a cell phone or off-campus location.

For after-hours mental health support and/or victim assistance, students and employees may call 303-615-9911.

In crises involving MSU Denver students, and after the immediate health and/or safety needs are met, please file a CARE report so that applicable follow-up can be coordinated to support the affected student(s). 

Is an employee injured or potentially injured?

Employee-related incidents (for administrators, classified staff, all categories of faculty, and student employees) involving possible injury or harm should be reported using the workplace compensation process as soon as possible following an incident. Please see information on the Human Resources website for additional information.

Accident & Injury Resources

MSU Denver cares a great deal about the experiences of students, employees, and members of the public who engage within our community. The safety of our campus and the individuals who work and learn within the campus environment are paramount. At times, accidents or injuries occur within the MSU Denver community in which students or members of the public may benefit from resource referrals. Please see below for specific resource information. 


Additionally, some University departments maintain other processes for handling incidents that occur within the department. Please inquire with the department in which the incident or accident occurred, if applicable, about any additional protocols and/or resources.

The Health Center at Auraria is an accredited on-campus medical clinic serving students and employees of the Auraria campus during normal business hours. Clinical offerings include general/family medicine, sports medicine, psychiatry, and gynecology. 

The Health Center can provide initial first aid care to stabilize patients who have experienced an accident or injury occurring on-campus free of charge. After initial first aid care has been provided, individuals seeking further treatment (beyond stabilization) will be subject to standard clinic charges. The Health Center can bill most insurance plans and provides a 50% discount for self-pay patients.

The Access Center coordinates accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to MSU Denver students who are entitled to such accommodations under the law. In addition to working with students with chronic and/or long-term disabilities, the Access Center provides accommodations to eligible students who are experiencing a temporary or short-term medical conditions, such as broken limbs, hand injuries, or short term impairments following surgery or medical treatments. Students interested in accommodations through the Access Center should call 303-615-0200 to speak with a staff member to learn more. 

Many of the MSU Denver laboratories, shops, and studios use chemicals and reagents that are toxic and dangerous to both people as well as the environment. If you experience a significant spill, release, or injury contact the Auraria Police Department at 303-556-5000. Immediate attention should be given to the safety of all injured persons as well as the safety of all persons in the lab, shop, or studio.  If you require assistance with a spill or release, contact the Environmental and Emergency Preparedness Manager, Mark Pokorny at 303-913-5555 or

For incidents and/or injuries in MSU Denver laboratories, shops, and studios involving injury or illness as well as fires, releases, spills, or property damage, the Environmental Health Incident Report Form should be used. 

This form should be forwarded to the instructor or professor in charge of the class were the incident occurred, the lab or shop coordinator and/or manager, the Chair-person of the involved department, the Dean of Students as well as the Dean of the appropriate School, and the Environmental and Emergency Preparedness Manager. 

At times, experiencing or witnessing an adverse incident may be distressing. MSU Denver students and employees can access confidential* individual and/or group therapy through the on-campus accredited Counseling Center at no additional charge. Interested students and employees should call 303-615-9988 to schedule an appointment during normal business hours. After-hours crisis support is available via phone to Auraria campus students and employees by calling 303-615-9911. 

*All records and information about clients are kept confidential in accordance with state and federal laws.

After an incident, a student may benefit from case management support through the Student Care Center.  The Student Care Center coordinates a CARE Team and provides associated case management for students in need. Students can self-refer for case management by calling the Student Care Center at 303-615-0006. Concerned faculty and staff can alert the CARE Team that a student may benefit from follow-up assistance by calling the Student Care Center at the number above or by filing a CARE report

If an adverse incident impacts a student's academic progress, the student is encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office at 303-615-0220 to explore options that may be available to them. 

As a public institution of higher education in Colorado, MSU Denver works with the State Office of Risk Management (SORM), which is responsible for administering the state's liability, workers' compensation, and property programs. Protection for liability for State departments is provided under the terms of the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act (CGIA) (Section 24-10-101, C.R.S. et seq.) and the Risk Management Act (RMA) (Section 24-30-1501, C.R.S. et seq.). Individuals interested in submitting a liability claim with the SORM, who need to check on the status of a claim, or who seek more information about the state’s liability programs should visit

Individuals who do not have the ability to download and print a form for submission may call SORM at 303-866-3848 to request that a claim form be mailed. MSU Denver’s on-campus liaison with SORM is Beth Christensen, Manager, Contracts & Business Services at 303-605-5265 or

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