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Looking for a Student Employment Job?

The most common question is "How or where do I start if I want to work at the school?". As a student, you may have a number of questions and we would like to assist you with getting started out as a potential student employee.  Please follow the steps provided below to assist you in getting a job at campus.

1. See if you are eligible for student employment. 

There are different requirements for undergraduates, international, and graduate students to be employed at the University. Click on the button below to see if you are eligible to become a student employee.

2. Know what types of jobs are available for students.

Did you know there are different types of jobs such as work-study, hourly, internship, and other opportunities that are available to students? Learn more information by clicking the button below.

3. Search and apply to current job positions available for students.

If you are eligible and aware of the different types that are on campus, now it is time to apply! Click on the button below to view current jobs that are looking for hire. Please note that some student jobs may be with an authorized off-campus employer.

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