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What is the Internship Program?

Internships are an important part of your career journey.  At MSU Denver the Classroom to Career Hub helps students find internships.  Students are given access to our internship database, Career Link.   We will also assist with resume review, interview preparation, and other internship search skills through the Career Lab. 

Once you have an internship, we will guide you through the process of getting academic credit and will often do site visits and send out evaluations.  Different academic departments have different internship policies so be sure to check with our office to determine the correct steps.

Paid internships with possible credit

Some internships are paid work experiences that are related to a student's major.  These positions provide hands-on work experience that enhance the students’ job marketability after graduation. The money students earn in these positions can provide significant financial support for their education.  Some of these positions are also appropriate for academic credit. 

Unpaid internships for academic credit

Both private industry and the non-profit world provide opportunities for students to enhance their classroom learning with an on-the-job experiences. Unpaid internships are done for academic credit. These experiences provide resume building skills and sometimes lead to paid employment upon graduation.  Some students are required to do an internship, others can use it for elective credit.

Click belwo for the Internship Program Website. 

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