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Supervisor FAQ's

Please select an item below to find answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.


  • How do I hire or advertise for a student employee?


    You may request a student job posting to be placed on the HR website.

      - The online request form is under Human Resources-Supervisors-Request a Student Job Posting.

  • What paperwork is needed to hire a student employee?


    All hiring packets are available on the HR website under Forms. For New Student Employees there's two versions of the packet.

      - On-Campus Departments - Please use the New Hire packet for MSU Denver Departments.
      - Off-Campus Departments/Agencies - Please use the New Hire Packet for Off-Campus Employment.
        - If you are not an authorized employer please contact the Student Employment Manager at 303-556-2482 to start that process.

  • Are there daily or weekly work limits for student employees such as, no more than eight hours in a day?


    Daily Limits:

      - Students may not work more than 8 hours in a day.
      - If a student works a 4 hour block of time they get a 15 min. paid break.
      - If a student works over 5.5 hours they must take a 30 min. unpaid lunch in addition to the 15 min. break.
      - If a student is working a full day (8-5) then they must take a hour unpaid lunch in addition to two 15 min. breaks.

    Fall/Spring Semesters:

      - They are limited to 30 hours a week when classes are in session (includes finals week).
      - Can work up to 40 hours the week of Fall/Spring Break and Winter break.


      - Can work up to 40 hours during the breaks between Spring & Summer Classes and between Summer and Fall Classes.
      - They are limited to 30 hours a week when Summer classes start.
  • What happens if timesheets are late?


    If the timesheet was turned in late by the student it will need to be held and processed on the next payroll cycle. If the delay was on the supervisor/department or HR's behalf then the supervisor could request a manual check.

  • How do I request a Manual Check?


    There is a Manual Check Request form available on the HR website. Manual Checks to be direct deposited are processed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Paper Checks are processed only on Thursdays.

      - On the request form make sure to complete the following:
        - Appropriate employee type (check box)
        - Employee Name and 900#
        - Reason for the check request
        - If it's for an upcoming payday or a past payday
        - Method of payment - Paper Check or Direct Deposit
      - Attach a copy of the timesheet(s) for each employee listed.
  • What information is needed for a pay increase?


    There are two types of pay increases - Step and Level.

    Step Increases
      - Typically are just a .25 or .50 increase within their current pay/skill level.
      - Rate change is made on the Student Employment Form (SEF) by marking the "Step Increase" check box and listing the new rate of pay.
      - It's recommended that you do a performance evaluation with the student at this time.

    Level Increases
      - Typically are give due to additional duties or increased skills and experience.
      - Rate change is made on the Student Employment Form (SEF) by marking the "Level Increase" check box and listing the new rate of pay.

    In addition the SEF the following items are required.

      - 2 Letters of Recommendation
      - Updated Position Description (outlining new/additional duties, skills and experience)
      - Current Evaluation
  • What if I have a student employee who is graduating this semester and has asked about the rules regarding working after graduation. What needs filled out on the Student Employment Form (SEF)


    Current student employees who are graduating are allowed to work one semester after graduation as a student hourly employee for the department they've been working in only, no transferring of departments.

      - They would still be limited to working up to 30 hours a week.
      - On the SEF please mark the box “Student Graduated”, the box for the appropriate institution they graduated from and leave the Last Semester box unchecked.
  • What should I do if my student that is graduating or won’t be returning for the next semester? Or a Student who is just leaving or transferring Departments?


    You will need to submit a “Student Employment Separation Form” this ensures that the following actions happen.

      - That the student’s employment record is properly closed out in Banner.
      - To assist with the IT process of turning off account access that is no longer needed.
      - To remove the student from the HR Student Employee email list so that they are no longer receiving unnecessary emails.
  • One of our student employees would like to change the amount of deductions taken out of their paycheck. How do they change their W-4?


    The student can access the W-4 form on the HR website and they would need to turn it in to Payroll Services in SSB 320, email it to or fax it to 303-556-5010.

  • What should I do if I'm hiring an International Student that does not have an SSN?


    You would need to have the student apply for a Social Security Card. In order for them to do so, the student needs an offer letter of employment from you, describing what duties they will be performing and that they are limited to 20 hours a week during the semester. The student should then take this over to the International Student Advisor in Academic Advising. The advisor will make sure that the student has the necessary items and will complete the employment authorization for that HR needs. The student will not be eligible to start working until after they've received their Card and completed all the hiring paperwork for HR.

  • Is my international student employee able to work after graduation?


    In the case of International Students on an F-1 visa, they cannot work on campus after they graduate unless they are on OPT and the position is in their major field of study.

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