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Managing Employees

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As stated previously in the responsibilities section, student employees should dress in a manner suitable for work in an institution of higher education. Supervisors and departments may instate their own dress code for student employees. It is suggested the following attire should not be worn at work: exceptional short skirts and shorts, yoga pants, revealing tops for men and women (camisole, halter tops, tube tops, mesh, midriff baring and/or sheer), low cut revealing pants or t-shirts with offensive logos or slogans.

Hints for creating a positive work environment

  • Supervisors should express their appreciation for the hard work of their student employees:
    • Supervisors can develop a recognition program within their office
      (Certificates signifying a student employee of the month/week, a "Caught in the Act" certificate for those "caught" doing a fantastic job or a certificate for exceptional attendance.)
    • Have a student employee bulletin board with pictures of student employees in the department and public recognition of heir accomplishments in and out of the office.
    • Include student employees in departmental celebration.
  • Make student employees feel important and a valuable part of the team.
  • Outline procedures and expectations clearly
  • Set a positive example of professional, ethical, and polite behavior.
  • Give student employees the tools they need to succeed.
  • Treat the student employees as you would want to be treated.
  • Be firm, yet flexible
  • Be considerate, supportive and sensitive to the student's personal and academic needs.
  • Have regular staff meetings with the student employees to let them know what is going on in the apartment that may affect them.
  • Give special recognition to graduating student.
  • Address problems as they arise-do not let them fester and grow.
  • Offer reduced hours during finals, midterms, and papers.
  • Please remember student employees are students first. If a conflict arises between their job and their academics, academics come first and foremost.


The list of commonly used Banner screens for Student Employment 

Guide to viewing a student employee's work study award 

Guide to viewing a student employee's class registration with the credit hours



Supervisors will want to develop a checklist that is specific to your office and the student's job.

  • Discuss your expectation
    • Consistent attendance 
    • Student employees should adhere to quality standards
    • They should ask if there is any other work, if they finish an assignment
    • Customer service expectations: professional and pleasant attitude while at work. Students, faculty, prospective students, and staff must be treated with respect
  • Review the procedures with your employees. (You should have them written down or posted somewhere in the department.)
    • Emergency and safety procedures
    • FERPA Guidelines
    • Dress Code
    • Reporting time on their time sheet
    • Calling in if they are late or if they cannot make it in to work
  • Training on the office equipment and professional etiquette
  • Introduce the student to your "back-up" for time entry and timesheet signatures and to who they should report if you are out of the office.
  • Create a schedule of the daily routines in the office and an explanation of each routine.
  • Create a list of important phone numbers and names of people in your department
  • Create a list and a description of all forms used in your office
  • Make sure that the student employee has a workstation, phone and computer (all the tools they need to be a successful employee)
  • Explain the phone system (refer to the instructions in the Phone Directory) and make sure that they know how to use all the office equipment needed for their job.
  • Plan the student's work assignments. Provide clear guidelines and deadlines for assignments. It may be helpful to have work ready for them when they report for work each day.
  • As a supervisor you must be able to delegate assignments to others to assist you. Give student employees work. Otherwise it will be a waste of time and money for both you and the student employee.
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