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Welcome to the Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE) homepage.

The Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE) program offers the Bachelor of Science degree major.

Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE) is a broad discipline that addresses the engineering of large, complex systems and the integration of the many subsystems that comprise the larger system. The program integrates Civil Engineering Technology, Electrical Engineering Technology and Mechanical Engineering Technology programs with other Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU Denver) programs such as Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Political Science, Business Management, and Communication Arts and Sciences, etc. to prepare students for future large prospective and complex system sustainable development challenges.

The SSE Program focuses on the interactions of engineering, society and ecological systems. Specifically, the program studies the relationship of engineering to economic development, environmental impact, social structure, and the sustainability of natural resources. The program will examine how engineering activities influence human well-being as a whole complex system and will provide students with knowledge and methods to analyze and solve sustainable development problems. The program description of the Sustainable Systems Engineering (SSE) is: apply a holistic and systemic approach to solving problems and move beyond the tradition of breaking designs down into disconnected parts.

Sustainable development is considered to be one of the fundamental criteria for engineering practices. Engineers are required to play a leading role in planning, designing, building, manufacturing and ensuring a sustainable future. The SSE program will prepare our graduates in a better position in pursuing graduate studies or engineering licensure after graduating from MSU Denver. In addition, the graduates will be able to join the workforce as sustainable system engineers, who are expected to work on or lead projects requiring a systemic and interdisciplinary approach to prevent the mismatch between a sophistication of individual discipline decisions and complex situations.

The top priority for faculty in the SSE program is teaching and advising. With many years of industrial experience, they bring their expertise, relevancy and currency to the classrooms.

Students – Faculty provide each student with individualized counseling, and advising in meeting graduation requirements. Many Sustainable Systems Engineering students are working part-time or full-time. The program offers several evening courses to accommodate the working student. The SSE program’s collaboration with the Internship Center of the college offers possibilities for students to gain industrial experience and earn technical elective credits at the same time. All students who are considering a major in SSE are expected to consult with SSE faculty advisor.

For more information or with any questions, please contact Dr. Jeno Balogh.

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