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2013 Keynote

Symposium for Teaching and Learning with Technology


Keynote: Enhancing new technology with established principles of learning

As we in higher education finally begin to challenge the established lecture paradigm, the choices of teaching methods, strategies, and approaches abound. This is especially true regarding educational technologies. We are constantly exposed to new initiatives, apps, tools, and methods often promoted as cure-alls for any type of teaching goals. How do we sort through all the options and choose the most effective tools and technologies? Based on a framework of seven ways of learning in higher education, we will explore the best intended uses for the most popular teaching strategies. By exploring two of these strategies in depth for promoting skill development, we will see how long-established learning principles can help us be more purposeful and effective when using new technologies. The framework for this talk will be used as the basis of focused and practical table discussions during lunch.

Keynote Presentation and Handout


Image of Bridget Arend


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