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Café Pédagogique Hosted by The Bearded Skeptic

What is Café Pédagogique?

Café Pédagogique is a stimulating discussion about teaching and learning with technology in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment complemented by food and beverages. The Café was invented by Helen Macfarlane for the COLTT conference in 2008 and has been held each year since. It is based on the internationally known Café Scientifique that is similarly relaxed and participatory.

During the Café, people come together in a round-table style setting to hear and discuss views on interesting or controversial educational topics led by someone who is passionate about it. The topic leaders get 5 minutes to talk about the subject to be discussed before there are 25 minutes of questions and answers, and general discussion. The Café is intended to be highly interactive and there will be plenty of opportunities for everyone to share their thoughts and ideas.


This year's Café Pédagogique will be led by planning committee members Jeff Loats and The Bearded Skeptic, William T. Kendal. We look forward to some great topics and lively discussions.

?Jeff Loats

Image of Jeff LoatsJeff Loats is an Associate Professor of Physics at Metropolitan State University of Denver. He is passionate about evidence-based teaching and learning and the effective use of technology in the classroom. He has won teaching awards at two institutions of higher education and has been invited to speak on teaching in higher education at a variety of local, regional and national events. He is the Principal Investigator of a 4-year National Science Foundation grant working to develop high-quality active-engagement teaching materials for courses on nuclear and particle physics. He has used Just-in-Time Teaching in his courses for over a decade.

The Bearded Skeptic

Image of Taylor Kendal?The Bearded Skeptic, William T. Kendal, brings over a decade of experience to education and design, including years of eye-opening work for the Library of Congress Educational Outreach team. Through his work with this preeminent institution, he was led to a love for education, digital identity, and skepticism, along with a mess of other dabblings including, cosmology, astro & quantum physics, bio & nanotechnology, and anything else that forces a re-imagining of the adjacent possible. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2005 with a B.S. in Technical Communication and a minor in Interactive Digital Media from Metropolitan State University of Denver and is currently finishing his M.S. in Information Learning Technologies from the University of Colorado Denver. He’s a self-proclaimed futurist, optimist, and technophile with an overdeveloped sense for sniffing out BS.

Join the Bearded skeptic for a casual, though at times contentious, conversation about what it means to be a responsible skeptic and leader in modern education. How can you learn from the past, expand your potential in the present, and generate new possibilities for the future

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