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Contact Information

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the MSU Denver Educational Technology Center at (303) 556-3600.



James Lyall, MSU Denver

Michael Erskine, MSU Denver

Michael Kolb, MSU Denver

Jeff Loats, MSU Denver

Alex McDaniel, MSU Denver

Diane Watkins, MSU Denver

Paul Novak, University of Denver/eLCC Co-Director

Taylor Kendal, Teaching with Primary Sources/Library of Congress

Niraj Chaudhary, Auraria Library

Jaimie Henthorn, University of Colorado



eLearning Research Track

Bulent Dos, Zirve University

Jennifer VanBerschot, University of Colorado Denver


mLearning Solutions Track

Bethany Vogel, Kansas State University


eLearning Quality Track

Phil McCready, University of the Rockies, Colorado Springs

Scott Toney, University of Denver


iScience Strategies Track

Niraj Chaudhary, Auraria Library


eMedia Methods Track

Paul Novak, University of Denver


eLearning Management Track

Miri Chung, MSU Denver

Robert Farmer, MSU Denver



Claudia Romans

Manisha Pinge

Teodora Dimitrova

Darlene Pielack

Dennis Smith

Saima Reese

Nick Webb

Craig Myers

Michael McMahon

Melissa Campos-Palomino

Scott Houck

Stephanie Vecchiarelli

Norma Anaya

Ryland Dominguez

Eduardo Mendoza

Travis Cooper

Sharon Smith

Karen Nguyen

Casey Monson

Maddie Williamson

Adrienne Christy



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