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For 50 years Metropolitan State University of Denver has transformed the lives of students, served as a courageous leader in higher education and boldly advanced the well-being of metro Denver communities. Throughout its history, the University has been known as a gateway to opportunity through broad access, quality academics and education relevant to the Colorado economy.


The eLearning Consortium of Colorado is a coalition of public and private colleges, universities, K-12 education, private sector business and public television stations dedicated to the enhancement of educational opportunities through distance learning.

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Auraria Library is the only tri-institutional academic library in the nation, serving the students, faculty, and staff of three leading urban institutions: University of Colorado Denver, Metropolitan State University of Denver, and Community College of Denver. About one in six students in college in Colorado attend classes on the Auraria Campus. Because the vast majority of the student population are commuters, the Library aspires to be the heart of the campus and a student's home away from home.



Brainfuse ensures that students, adult learners, and job-seekers have access to a personalized, all-in-one learning experience. They can work with live tutors, collaborate with peers, and study on their own.

This design brings us back to our motto, “Empower Learning.” Users decide how they want to acquire a skill or grasp a concept, and Brainfuse  gives them the tools to master it.



At Blackboard, we started out with a unique idea - if we are not learning something new every day, we are not moving forward. Right now, there is a great opportunity to reimagine education, from Pre-K through lifelong learning and across the student experience. In the next decade, we will see an incredible influx of new ideas that challenge the status quo and support learners in new ways. Our goal is to make learning more desirable, accessible, and meaningful for learners. By doing this, we have a shared sense of purpose with teachers, administrators and leaders at all levels that are working to improve outcomes for learners.

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eScience Labs provides remote students & online learners the opportunity to engage in hands-on science exploration outside the traditional lab experience. We partner with hundreds of higher education institutions to expand online course offerings, overcome lab space and access issues, promote hands-on experimentation and increase online student engagement.

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Turning Technologies is passionate about creating educational technologies designed to enhance all learning environments and produce real results. Our portfolio of learning tools is designed to inspire achievement each and every day. Easy-to-use solutions enable you to ask questions, and gather feedback while providing valuable data to engage, monitor and measure learning progress. We support the entire assessment process guiding you through the creation of material, presentation of content and, in-depth reporting to track success.

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