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Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium


MissionTLTS 2017 Logo

The Teaching and Learning with Technology Symposium (TLTS) exists as a collaborative venue for higher education professionals to critically learn, discuss, and create. We aim to cultivate a regional network focused on creativity, equity, leadership, and the creation of artifacts that inspire, and positively shape, the future intersection of teaching, learning, and technology.


New for 2017

If you've attended TLTS in the past, you'll find this year's event to be unlike previous experiences (hopefully in a good way). This year, we are piloting an interactive, cohort-based symposium model. Instead of a traditional session and track-based event which is passive in nature, TLTS 2017 will challenge attendees to think critically, work collaboratively, and take an active role in shaping the event. 

Attendees will collaboratively Discover, Frame, Imagine, Prototype, Engage and Reflect upon unique solution designs focused through the lens of one of three interest groups: Creativity & Design, Equity & Social Justice, or Leadership & Vision.


Credit and appreciation to the iiE Institute for the Design Mindset Cards to be used during the symposium.

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