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Webinar Access

**You can access the first two webinars for no cost, courtesy of the Western Educational Equity Assistance Center by completing the short registration form at the button below. You will receive a link to the webinars along with an individual username and password by email shortly after the form is submitted. This is for single use only and any additional webinars or resources must be acquired directly through Resiliency in Action.

Resiliency In Action Webinar Presentation

This webinar is the presentation that Nan Henderson, President of Resiliency In Action, has given to thousands of educators, counselors, parents, military personnel & other helpers across the U.S. and in other countries.

Nan Henderson’s publications on resiliency and wellness, positive youth development, and school and organizational change are used in more than 25 countries. She has provided hundreds of presentations and trainings in 45 U.S. states and several foreign countries over the past two decades for a wide variety of audiences and organizations. These groups include Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Upward Bound, Americorps, many State Departments of Education, the Ministry of Education in New Zealand, several Canadian school districts and organizations, and the U.S. Military. The Pennsylvania Dept. of Education has advocated the adoption of Ms. Henderson’s model in every school in that state, and she has been involved in major resiliency initiatives in New York City Schools and Los Angeles Public Schools. She is the author/editor of five books on resiliency, numerous articles, and an on-line newsletter distributed worldwide. She has also been featured as a “resiliency expert” on N.P.R.

Webinar content includes…

1. The research foundation of resiliency: Where does it come from? How does it happen?

2. Is everyone resilient? Why do some kids deal better with stress/adversity than others?

3. What are specific, hands-on ways to put recommendations from resiliency research into action now?

4. What are “individual” and “environmental” resiliency-builders? How can you easily identify them? How can you make them grow?

5. How can you build the resiliency of those you care about in almost every conversation?

6. What is the Resiliency Wheel and why is it an important tool?

7. What are the “Four Most Important Steps to Fostering Resiliency?”

8. Why is Resiliency the foundation for academic and life success?

9. How can you improve your resiliency?

This entire webinar series can be purchased for your entire organization by contacting Resiliency In Action. Call 800-440-5171 or e-mail for more information. Visit for additional articles and resources.

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